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Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'm officially blind!

Look at your own risk.

Via: Dean
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Friday, January 28, 2005

Today marks 19 years since the Challenger accident.
Has it really been that long?

I still remember the day as if it just happened, I remember Virgil running down the sidewalk yelling "The shuttle blew up! The shuttle blew up!" I still remember having to eat lunch at Burger King because of the power going out. I still remember the image of the explosion after takeoff. And I remember watching Ronald Regan on TV that night consoling the country.
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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm back... I offered to continue for a couple of weeks to keep the content flowing...
The Queen in all her wisdom has given me a Birthday present and agreed to let me continue posting (bet you had no idea it was my birthday today)!

So, here goes...

I have a roundup of comments from Arizona Bloggers with regard to the recent Boil Water Advisory affecting 1.5 million people in the Phoenix area. I spent an exciting couple of days discovering new blogs in the area as well as my own smells (to conserve water residents were asked not to shower...) I'm going to refer to the situation as The Great Stink of 2005.

In other news I've posted my recipe for this weeks Carnival of Recipes (link to last week)...
Hot Peanut Chicken Stir Fry

More to come...
Thanks for reading!
Thanks to the Queen for allowing me to continue!

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Racist Democrats Fail To Stop Condi

John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer, Robert Byrd and 8 other hardcore lefty racists were unable to prevent Condi Rice from becoming the first African-American Woman to become Secretary of State. John McCain thinks they are just being sore losers but I think that it is much worse.

Who are they trying to stop from Cabinet appointments?

Only people of color.

Coincidence? Nah, I think that Robert(KKK)Byrd, who has been dubbed the "conscious of the Senate", is having a profound effect on the hardcore lefties. Perhaps they just don't like it that these highly qualified individuals have earned their way. People may figure out that they don't need handouts and crumbs from the Democrats. That would be bad...
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Ding, Ding, Ding,Ding, Ding!! We Have A Winner!!!!!!!!!!
I have been on the lookout for stupid comments. Not just wacky moonbat drivel but a comment that was meant to be serious but turned out to be seriously STUPID.

I have found such a comment. The comment references a paraphrased quote by George Carlin that Maria used in her original post: "Christian Republicans talk about every life being sacred. Every life is sacred! Every life is sacred! That is, before birth. Once you're born, they don't want to have anything to do with you until you're eighteen. Then they want to send you off to war to die."

Here is the stupid quote:

Spoken like a TRUE ASSHOLE MAN. For every woman this is an issue and one we've all tossed around..and I love the George Carlin quote..because it's so freakin' true. I don't see too many people beating down the doors to poor little mothers who can barely feed themselves offering Help or even a Thank you for not "killing your baby". These 18yr old kids coming into Landstuhl ARmy hospital everyday with tubes sticking out of their necks, missing limbs..major injuries..they're still someone's baby, in somebody's eyes..Does not bother the Christian sector? Are these boys just sacrifices for the greater good? Don't tell me you value a person's life if right after high school you're willing to take their FUTURE away and allow them to die in a foreign country...what's the difference? Let them die when they'll never know love, life or how to feel or let them die when they know what they'll be missing and let them die when they really can express that they want to live. Christians want the WANTED to die and the UNWANTED to's a hardship either way with these fucks...

Posted by Sandy at January 26, 2005 07:14 AM

Where do I begin? Should I type really slow and make an effort to correct ALL the stupidity or just call her a fucking moron and move on?

Maybe I'll do both.

First, it's pretty darn obvious that "Sandy" hasn't ever stepped into a freaking Church, because if she had she would know that Churches and their congregations spend their time helping the less fortunate. Feeding and clothing the poor, tending the sick and aged, helping single mothers, always running drives (clothing,food, etc) to help PEOPLE. Churches don't ever turn down requests for help even if you aren't a member. So her knock about Christians is not only wrong but IGNORANT.

According to "Sandy" the evil Christians don't care about the wounded soldiers either. What proof does she offer? NONE. Just angry bullshit rhetoric. So there are no ministers tending the wounded? There are no Church groups sending care packages to soldiers? If so, I wonder why my son has been collecting special items to send to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan at the request of our CHURCH.

Perhaps before impuning the largest religious group in the country and a huge majority of people, you should do a little research on Christian Services so you don't look like a fucking moron. Correction, a fucking bigoted moron.

Christian Republicans want to send you off to war to die, huh? I'd buy that one if a Christian Republican instated a draft and started sending the unwilling off to die. That isn't the case though, is it? Nope, we haven't had one of those since Lyndon Johnson did it, Johnson that evil Christian Republican people loving DEMOCRAT.

Our military is VOLUNTARY and they are trained TO FIGHT WARS. I'm pretty sure that they know that going in and it isn't a big surprise when they are called upon to EARN THEIR PAY. They do it willingly.

Christians want everyone to have a right to live and they put forth a huge effort to minimize the suffering of the less fortunate. I see it everyday. I know plenty of people that have benefited from the good deeds of Christians. If you haven't, it's because you have simply closed your eyes along with your mind.

Open them both up so you can see and learn. Otherwise, you will continue to be a fucking moron.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Some Pictures

This is what I've been doing for the last few days, what is new with you all?

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Big Hug and Thanks
I want to give a big virtual hug and say Thank You to Andrew, Juliette, Dave, Rhianna, Scott and my brother Jerry K for jumping into the fray and keeping y'all entertained while I was in the hospital.

I'm certain that everyone enjoyed the bloggers and I have made sure to blogroll any guest blogger that wasn't on the blogroll already. I put a [GB] next to the blog name of all my guest bloggers, so you can find them later. I did that for all the people, like me, that find themselves banging their head because they can't remember the name of the person they really liked and want to read. It is really annoying to forget something like that, this way you just scroll the blogroll and look for [GB] and you'll know that they blogged here.

Thanks again everyone!
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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Late Comment on Scary Harry (Juliette)
I know I'm late on this subject, but no matter.

Philip Ochieng gives
the history of the swastika
For the swastika was a symbol of life and hope throughout the Mediterranean and up to India. The swastika is a small cross, the ends of whose arms are often bent at right angles, worn to attract good luck (from Sanskrit svasti, prosperity).

The tips of the arms of the Egypto-Nubian ankh - a swastika which literally meant "life" - were not bent but enlarged. What is significant is the ankh gave rise to two crosses that dominate the world's religious thinking today - the Star of David and the Christian crucifix.

Two names immortalise the ankh. Tutankhamen was an inimitable boy-king. The Sphinx is second only to the Great Pyramid among history's greatest monuments to human ingenuity. Tutankhamen meant "Thoth lives in Amen". Amen was the hidden aspect of the creator god. The theistic religions still pay homage to him after every prayer.

Thoth (Thot, Tut, Tauti, Dwd), to whom we owe the name "David", was the god of science and magic. Sphinx is the Hellenic corruption of sheshepankh - "the living image of ...". You complete the phrase by supplying the name of the person or thing whose image the artefact was. Its full name was Sheshepankhatum, "the living image of Atum", Atum being Amun's visible face, identified with the sun-god Ra-Osiris.
There's more. (Now all can see that my long-windedness is genetic.)

But after the explanation, my progenitor gets to the point.
But even if [Prince] Harry's [display of the swastika in a Nazi uniform at a party] were just one of those boyish foolishnesses - if he had no idea what bitter memories he might kindle by fondling with the swastika - one would still remark how amiss his royal education is.
Which is the problem I had with the young prince's outfit. It seems that nothing in his allegedly high-level education gave him a clue that such a get-up would not be the best thing to don, especially for one who is, at present, third in line to the British throne.

Many have commented that the incident was due to the notorious idiocy of many twenty-year-olds. But there are quite a few twenty-year-olds who were born without Prince Henry's (Harry's) high lineage and were not the beneficiaries of his supposedly excellent education who understand what the swastika *now* represents: fascism and genocide. They understand it better than he does, obviously.

And I must admit that,in my participation of Laurence Simon's Dead Pool, I picked Harry's older brother, William, to meet an untimely demise this year. A bit chilling to contemplate now--and not just because the death of the young is always tragic nor is it because I think that Harry is some kind of young Nazi. He just seems...dim. For leaders—even symbolic ones—it's a quality that is sometimes worse than evil.

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Did you know that if your baby was really active at night, in utero, he will be on the outside as well? The nurses kept telling me that Draco has his days and nights confused. I think not. Draco kicked me on schedule every night starting at 1am and ending around 5am, so it should be no surprise that I ain't sleeping.

Should it?
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Saturday, January 22, 2005

We're Home!
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Friday, January 21, 2005

A few Items...
The 23rd Carnival of Recipies is up:The ABC's of cooking from around the B-sphere
You can see my entry for Pan-Fried Steak with Red Wine Reduction here.

I also want to direct you to a piece I did on The Great Hunter. I think it's pretty funny, you can let me know what you think.

This is worth spreading... please pass the links along on your blog!
One of the 'Wonks oldest friends on the Progressive Left, David Anderson, over at In Search Of Utopia, is asking the Blogging World to spread the word about a devastating flood that struck Costa Rica a few days ago which left over 8000 people homeless.
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Euopre realises Obesity is a problem (Rhianna)
The EU, which I despise, has seen fit to start taking obesity seriously instead of how they only recently
considered obesity to be a US problem. We made fun of Americans, in a way. It's a European problem now.

I find that gratifying in a way. I've lived in the UK and Germany, traveled to several other European countries, and will shortly be in Italy. I assure you they're all fat nations with a large percentage of the population overweight, if not obese. I enjoy seeing those in the glass house running for cover from the rocks they threw.

Back to the EU and their newest policy. They are advocating legislating commercials. I find this very stupid. Taking away the 'adverts' as the Brits call them, won't solve the problem. One of the ways the US has combated underage smoking, and the UK as well, is to make posters (sometimes very grotesque and very effective) and ads that show the damages of the behavior. I doubt having Walkers stop advertising on Cartoon Network will do much good. The idea is sound, but seeing no ad won't make a child or adult stop buying the goods in the store.

Some UK retailers, with a healthy market in the states, have done so willingly. I personally am addicted to Cadbury's chocolate and my favorite kind of coke is Dr. Pepper. I watch more kid's shows than should be legally allowed and I assure you they do not advertise on children's television. I enjoy eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream too. I can't say I've seen one of their ads on children's program either. I don't blame them for the fact I eat and drink their products as that is my choice alone. They are supplying a product and I am consuming their product. This boils down to me taking responsibility for my own actions.

What must be understood in this age of litigation and legislation is that a government, no matter how oppressive, can not mandate good choices. By only targeting the ads, and not filling the space with advertisements on healthy eating and exercise I think the world will be fighting this battle with one hand tied behind their back. That is a disservice to all the children and adults these burocrats claim to want to help.

You can not help those that won't help themselves, and removing photos of their obsession won't make the obsession go away. To see the jist of what I mean, check out this article, this one, this report from Canada, and here's another article. These are the standards of excuse and blame that rest with everyone but the parent and child. This isn't going to go away by legislating ads. Nor will it got away by false claims of childhood obesity causing death.

The bottom line is that people must take responsibility for their own lifestyles and those of their minor children.
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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Celebrate (Juliette)
Celebrate Inauguration Day.

Celebrate that this country can have a peaceful continuation of a presidency after a long and, sometimes, acrimonious campaign by two free men.

Celebrate that the defeated of the contest is welcome at the swearing-in of the victor.

Celebrate that the former can smile at this swearing-in and have people shake his hand.

Celebrate that a much-maligned (often justifiably) former president and his wife--a US Senator—are also welcome.

Celebrate the fact that one who has done much of the maligning was actually thrilled to see them there (the ceremony, you know).

Celebrate that a US Senator can insult a Secretary of State nominee and not be dragged off and shot; celebrate that the latter will still become Secretary of State; celebrate that the former will still be an honored member of the Senate (at least in some quarters of this free country).

Celebrate that there are still men and women who love each other enough to formally commit; celebrate that they have brought children into the world that are the beneficiaries of that love. (Welcome, Draco!)

Celebrate the fact that those who have skills and experience in this country can find work, even if temporarily; celebrate the fact that such work will make them too busy and/or too tired to blog. :-)

And, finally, celebrate the fact that young men and women—and some not so young--are willing to volunteer to at least try to bring some of the above blessings to those who have not.


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Bush: "Equal Rights for Some!" (Andrew Quinn)
Originally blogged to Verité.

Sadly, I absolutely don't have the time for the detailed inauguration writeup that's itching to get out... but I'd like to make a quick comment:

Apart from the over-religiousness, there was gaping hypocrisy when the President quoted Abraham Lincoln. He repeated the following words of #16: Those who deny freedom to others do not deserve it for themselves.

Except gay marriage. Because God told Bush to ban that... right? Again, he contradicts his own beliefs:
We cannot carry the message of freedom and the baggage of bigotry at the same time.

Except... against... homosexuals. Right?

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Happy Second Term President Bush (Rhianna)
In a great start to President Bush's second term he saw fit to quote my favorite President, Abraham Lincoln on the truths of oppression and freedom. All I can say is: You done Good George, you done good.

Not to allow the US to swear in a President without a stab in the back, and an attempt to stir up problems, the BBC dusts off a survey taken before the Tsunami hit. Surely they could have found something more interesting, unless 'the world hates Bush' is now breaking news since it is over a month old. Don't forget to note that the world's most populous Democracy supports Bush. Also, pay close attention to the fact India only supports us because
Another surprise was India's support for Mr Bush. The poll found 62% believed his administration was positive for global security.

The BBC's Nick Bryant says the reason for this may be because the poll was carried out in cities where people have benefited economically from closer trade ties with the US.

Why does anyone take the BBC's reasoning for loathing or loving the US? Especial when they mention that
Anti-Bush sentiments also appeared to be strong in Latin America. Argentina, with 79%, and Brazil, with 78%, follow Turkey in the list.

This seems surprising given that the region has had less direct involvement in US foreign policy issues, says our correspondent.

So, we're damned if we do help out India because that amounts to buying their support, but we're damned for not buying the support of Argentina and Brazil.

Anyone at the BBC choose to question why the theocracies, and most corrupt and oppressive regimes of the world hate the US while the most free Democracies on Earth support her? Nope, that would mean actually questioning assumptions from BBC bigwigs and not digging up old reports and posting them as 'new' findings. We know the BBC can't be bothered to do that. I swear, they've gotten to the point of being no more trustworthy that cBS and Al-Quida News. That's a pretty long way to fall for such a formerly trusted 'news' agency.
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Male Circumcision Reduces Risk of HIV Transmission From Women to Men
I thought this would be appropriate after Dean's HIV series. The content in this article makes sense, but it's still surprising.
The first study to examine the probability of HIV infection per act of heterosexual sex among a population with multiple sexual partners has found that uncircumcised men have more than twice the risk of acquiring HIV than do circumcised men. In the study, published in the Feb. 15 issue of The Journal of Infectious Diseases, now available online, Jared Baeten and colleagues from the United States and Kenya collected detailed sexual data from a group of male Kenyan truckers and, using statistical models, developed infectivity measures that estimate the per-sexual-act probability of HIV transmission. The study is the first to calculate the probability of infection for men who have multiple, concurrent heterosexual partners, which was found to be significantly higher than infectivity rates calculated in the past from studies of monogamous couples. Their results may help explain the rapid spread of HIV in settings where circumcision is not common and multiple sexual partnerships are.

This gets even more interesting:
Between 1993 and 1997, 745 male employees of trucking companies based in Mombasa, Kenya were followed for the study. Initially they were evaluated for circumcision status and HIV-negativity. Over the length of the study the men were asked to give information concerning the number of sexual encounters with three different partner types--wives, casual partners, and prostitutes--and were screened for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. At the end of the study the probability of infection was calculated using a statistical model that incorporated published data to estimate the rates of HIV infection among the three types of sexual partners.

For the men in the study, the overall probably of becoming HIV-infected following a single act of intercourse was calculated to be .0063, or one in 160. Uncircumcised men had a more than two-fold increased risk of infection per sexual act compared with circumcised men--one in 80 versus one in 200. Past studies have also found greater HIV infection risk for uncircumcised men. Unlike those studies, however, the present study was also able to take into account cultural characteristics that might be responsible for differences in sexual behavior. These differences could, in turn, account for differences in the risk of infection. But the researchers found that cultural differences in sexual behavior did not matter: when groups of men were excluded from the analysis based on ethnic or religious characteristics, the difference in probability of infection related to circumcision status did not change.

In addition to the results on circumcision, another significant result of the study was the high overall rate of per-contact infection. In past studies that attempted to calculate the probability of female-to-male infection through heterosexual sex, the cohorts consisted only of monogamous couples in which the female partners were HIV-positive. However, in some areas of Africa where HIV infection rates are highest, multiple, concurrent partnerships are more common than monogamous couplings. Past studies of monogamous couples found that the probability of HIV transmission per-act of sexual intercourse was on the order of one in 1000 or less, much lower than the probability of one in 160 found in this study. Taken with the authors' evidence that female-to-male infection rates may be more than two-fold greater for uncircumcised men, this new information may help us understand why the virus is spreading rapidly in parts of Africa, and help define better HIV strategies for prevention in these settings.
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Mommy, again
Hi there. Scott here from Speed of Thought...

First things first. Congrats to Dean and The Queen. Mommy and Daddy again, how cool. Draco, welcome little man, to a fun filled adventure!

Second things second. I found this tonight and would like your comments.

Supposedly this is a GOTV ad from Iraq. What do you think?

(via Austin's Blog)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Worth Relooking (Andrew Quinn)
Many have probably already read much of Tutakai's work, but The Militant Moderate's foreign policy philosophy is always worth revisiting. His first point is probably his most controversial:
1 - A moderate foreign policy is engaged but not bullying or timid. Conservatives seem split between two extremes — the xenophobic isolationism of Pat Buchanan and Michelle Malkin and the aggressive unilateralism of the Bush Administration (particularly Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz). Isolationism plays to a "fortress America" mindset that is simply not tenable in the modern world of global communications and finance. The world's problems are America's problems and we need to deal with them.

How we deal with them is where the unilateralists run off the deep end. They are correct to note that the United States is the most powerful nation in the world with the most far-flung interests, but their belief the United States doesn't need partners and allies is self-destructive. Even the world's most powerful nation has limits — very serious limits — on what it can do and how many fires it can fight at once. Unilateralism, bullying, and making haughty demands starts far more fires than it puts out. The United States must seek to maintain its relationships even in the face of disagreements and disputes.

Liberals too often take this too far in the other direction from conservatives, however. They insist, for example, that the United States is a dangerous "hyperpower" that must be checked by requiring that any action in defense of U.S. interests be first approved by the United Nations. This timidity would give, in effect, a worldwide veto power over U.S. interests. It would allow selfish interests in France and Russia or corrupt officials at the U.N. itself to stymie the United States even in situations of clear national interest. This clearly takes a good idea way too far. The moderate foreign policy is one that seeks to use international institutions like the United Nations as a forum within which to identify and pursue common interests, but also one that reserves the right to make a principled stand apart from the United Nations when the situation requires it.
This is worth looking at, especially in the light of recent Iran rumors.

His views on other issues are also very interesting. See, for example, his recent piece SecDef Rumsfeld Should Resign, wherein he discussed the inexcusable allegations of Donald using an "autopen" to complete the sacred duty of signing letters to the families of deceased soldiers. I believe this seemingly minor infraction is an overall attitude of the man's horrible attitude toward American soldiers, and foreign policy in general.

Andrew Quinn posts regularly to his own weblog, Verité.
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Slurpee Boy!! (Jerry K)
Introducing Draco Eugene Esmay!!


Birth: 12:27pm
Height: 21 inches
Weight: 7lbs 11oz

Mother and baby are doing just fine! When I got there they were both in recovery. Rose says those Monday night Slurpee's did the trick! Little Drake was all bundled up and I took 6 pictures. The one above and these 5 more.

Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 01.19.2005. 19 Comments 30 Trackbacks
Howdy... Best Wishes for the Mother to be (the Father too!)
Introductions seem to be in order, so here goes...

I'm Dave from AZ Perspective and Junk and like the others I'm here to attempt to fill in for the Queen (not that that is really possible).

I'll keep it short for now... but I do want to start off with something to talk about so here goes:

The latest good news for bloggers is a weapon against "Comment Spam". Thank you Google! The best part is you don't have to do anything, most blogging software is being updated to insert a link tag that will take care of it.

"From now on, when Google sees the attribute (rel='nofollow') on hyperlinks, those links won't get any credit when we rank websites in our search results." Yahoo and MSN are using it too!
Posted by GuestBlogger Dave on 01.19.2005. 2 Comments 4 Trackbacks
An Introduction of sorts (Rhianna)
Well, it seems I find myself in great company while Rosemary is gone. I'm quite honored to be here. For those whoe don't know me, and I'm sure that is quite a few of Rosemary's readers, I'm the mouthy Texan from A Texan Abroad.

I just wanted to take today's posting to say Thank You to Rose for finding me up to the task, Thank You to her readers for tolerating me while she's gone, and a giant CONGRATULATIONS for the whole Esmay family. We'll be anxiously awaiting pictures and news fo the big event.
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We Are Off To The Hospital
THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!

My C-section is scheduled for noon today. I'll be at Oakwood Hospital in Dearborn, Michigan. As soon as we have any info, my brother Jerry will probably post an update as soon as he is able.

I hope that my guest bloggers keep you entertained and I'm sure that Dean will find a way to blog, eventually.

Keep your fingers crossed and your prayers coming. I'm grateful to all of you for all that you have done for me and my family. I'm blessed to have such good friends and I won't ever forget that!

See you as soon as they spring me from the hospital.

Take Care!

Your humbled and very thrilled Queen of All Evil,

Posted by Rosemary on 01.19.2005. 3 Comments 2 Trackbacks

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Good Luck, Rosemary! (Andrew Quinn)
The Queendom falls silent as Mystery Guest Blogger #2 emerges from the shadows...

Hi, everyone. It's fourteen-year old Andrew Quinn from Verité. I'll begin real, juicy content tomorrow, but I thought it might be nice to give Rosemary a proper sendoff.

I'd like this post to serve as an open thread of all of our best wishes to Rosemary. Post whatever you want... congratulations, good luck - I think a little message might be nice.

Thanks, and see you tomorrow!

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  1. Good Luck, Rosemary! (Andrew Quinn)
  2. T Minus One Day and Counting...
Posted by guestblogger on 01.18.2005. 8 Comments 27 Trackbacks
Another Test!!
Are you ready to travel the world? Take this test first: Don't Gross Out The World

Ara sent me this one!

I got 9 out of 11 right! Damn, Germans and Japanese...
Posted by Rosemary on 01.18.2005. 4 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Hello...(Jerry K)
You know how you go to your favorite bar, and your local bartender isn't there? You ask, "Where's Rose?" "Rose is on maternity leave, I'm Jerry." Then you're thinking, hey, who's this idiot? I like Rose. But you still want your drink. And even though Jerry doesn't mix your drink the same way you're used to, like Rose, you still like the bar. You don't want to have to go to a different bar. And even Jerry might feel kinda bad because Rose trained him. Rose showed him how to work the cash register, where the tonic was on the soda gun, who tips, who doesn't. [ pause ] Well, I'm Jerry. What can I get you?

I modified the above SNL skit to fit the current situation. The Queen has other guest bloggers who will be posting, but I'm here for one purpose. You see, I am the first person who will be close to a PC after Draco is born. So I'll be posting all the vital details and photos (from a cameraphone) shortly afterward.

The Queen has also given me the authority to post other things, so you may see more of me over the next few days..

The Little Brother of the QOAE.
Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 01.18.2005. 1 Comments 3 Trackbacks
T Minus One Day and Counting...
I'm finishing up last minute stuff and preparing for the trip to the hospital. Blogging will be light today but I'm sure you all understand!

Related Posts (on one page):

  1. Good Luck, Rosemary! (Andrew Quinn)
  2. T Minus One Day and Counting...
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Monday, January 17, 2005

Unofficial I.Q. Test
Take the 11 question Test here!!

It may piss you off to know but I got 10 right!!!

How'd you do?

**I misstated that there were 10 questions but CaltechGirl points out that there are actually 11. So, I fixed that mistake!**
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Some Photo Blogging!!
Jacob holding his very first boy cousin!!! ...and little sleeping baby! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...

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All's Well
I went to GR to see my sis and the new baby. Had a great time. Didn't get much sleep, though. I'm so big now that sleeping is just uncomfortable, so I stayed up all night with my sister-in-law, Mary, and we took care of the baby while my sister, the Milk Maid, rested. Not that she got that much rest as any new Mom can appreciate but we tried to help out.

Did I mention that my nephew is the cutest little thing? He is and his cries are soooooo cute. He sounds like a mewling kitten. I love babies!! I'll put some pics up later.
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Saturday, January 15, 2005

I'm Outta Here
Well, I'm taking a drive to Grand Rapids to see my new nephew. There was much debate on whether or not I should go, since it is nearly a 3 hour drive. Dean and I decided that even IF I went into labor, chances are I would make it back in time. Technically, I am 38 weeks and I was overdue with Jake so - I'm risking it.

If I don't do it now it could be a month before I meet the new baby, since the C-section will put me out of commission for a few weeks. Hearing him over the phone isn't the same. I want to smooch those little cheeks and I want to see my sister.

I'll be back tomorrow. Be good!
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And People Wonder Why I Am Against...
In New York City residents routinely begin their day at six or seven in the morning, work twelve hours, then stay on call all night. In a practice that I think is particularly cruel, they typically don't get home until noon the following day — several hours after morning rounds. During this extended time they perform simple tasks, like circumcisions. That's right, circumcisions. During my clerkship in Elmhurst Hospital, Queens, I noticed that many of the OB interns would do the deed post call. The man behind the guillotine is the same man that hasn't slept since last Tuesday. And you wonder why there's some funny looking penises out there?

The topic is really about medical interns, lack of sleep and functionality. But that bit about performing circumcisions after being awake and less functional should scare the shit out of any parent of a newborn baby boy. I don't believe in circumcisions, I find them barbaric and medically unnecessary.

I understand doing them for religious reasons and that is fine. I have my son doing things that aren't "necessary" too, like going to school to learn about religion. He will be having his First Communion this April, of course, that is a little different than forcibly removing his foreskin but to each his own.
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I've got some really cool people offering to blog for me while I'm in the hospital. I'm not telling you who any of them are because I want it to be a surprise.

So, stay tuned to this network for an interesting array of blogging.

Also, if any of my guests have something that they need to post before I hit the hospital - feel free to get your feet wet!
Posted by guestblogger on 01.15.2005. 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Maria posted a list of Bushisms on her blog. Some are quite funny. I wanted to add my favorite Bushisms. I left them in her comments but I wanted to share, since I'm such a crack up.

Here are my two favorite Bushisms from 2004:

"Mr. Chairman, delegates, fellow citizens, I'm honored by your support, and I accept your nomination for president of the United States." Thursday, Sept 2, 2004

"Earlier today, Senator Kerry called with his congratulations."..." America has spoken, and I'm humbled by the trust and the confidence of my fellow citizens. With that trust comes a duty to serve all Americans, and I will do my best to fulfill that duty every day as your President." November 3, 2004

I giggled like a schoolgirl when I heard him say those things. Didn't you?

Hell, they still make me chuckle.
Posted by Rosemary on 01.13.2005. 9 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Irony Alert!!!!
My lovely sister, Alice, and her husband are pretty hardcore liberals. They have been for as long as they've known about politics.

So, do you think it's ironic that they gave birth to their very first child, my handsome nephew Aidan, on Rush Limbaugh's birthday?

I don't think Al knows this yet, I can't wait to tell her!!!!
Posted by Rosemary on 01.13.2005. 5 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Questioning the HIV Hypothesis
Well damn. Read this why don't you?
Posted by Rosemary on 01.13.2005. 2 Comments 52 Trackbacks

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This Kid Wants To Help
My niece, Christa wants to help tsunami victims. Unfortunately, she's gotten a less-than-enthusiastic response to her fund-raising efforts.
Here is the email I received from her yesterday:
Dear Auntie Rose,
I want to help the people where the tsunami hit by getting donations. I went to my school and asked them if I could collect donations there, except they said no. I am trying to find other places to get donations and I was wondering if you could put something on your web site and have people donate. The Novi Rotary will take all the money I collect and give it to a Rotary in the affected areas. Then they will make sure it gets to the people who need it.
I hope you will take this into consideration
Thank You
` Love,
Christa Kondraciuk
She's so cute, just like her Dad (my brother) signs a note to family members with her last name. Here's a ten-year-old kid with a heart of gold that wants to help others. Seeing pictures from Southeast Asia, she feels the need to help. She asked for permission to set up a fund raising drive at her school. They denied her request. She's tried a few other avenues, but to no avail. Now she's coming to you. Christa has teamed up with the Novi Rotary to handle and distribute the funds she raises.
Here is the flier she made:

...........................Help is in your hands...............

Let's make a difference. Together, we can!!!

Tsunami victims need our help. This has been the world's deadliest tsunami. Hundreds of thousands have been killed. But the survivors need our help. Kids have lost parents. Parents have lost their kids. Millions have lost everything.
I want to help the people by raising money with donations. We can make a difference by donating money to the victims because they really need it. What ever money you bring is good.
Make sure that you tell your friends and relatives about this. They can help too.
The Novi Rotary will get the money from us, and will make sure that all the money gets to the victims.

Let's show the world how nice America is!!!

Christa Kondraciuk

The Novi Rotary has made arrangements with two Rotary chapters in the tsunami affected area. They will combine Christa's fund raising efforts with their own and send them directly to Rotary Chapters in Southeast Asia. These chapters have the ability to get aid directly to victims. For more information, please visit the Tsunami Relief Fund. For more information on Rotary go to Novi Rotary or

Cash and check donations can be sent to:
Novi Rotary
P.O. Box 159
Novi, MI 48375

Make checks out to: Novi Rotary Foundation. Note at the bottom of the check- Tsunami Relief Fund. If you tuck a post it noting "Christa's Tsunami Relief" they will know that it came from her efforts.
Help a kid make a difference!
Posted by Rosemary on 01.12.2005. 0 Comments 74 Trackbacks
Here's My New Nephew
Here's Aidan!!! 7lbs 15 oz and 23 inches long
Born today just before 3 am this morning!!!

Posted by Rosemary on 01.12.2005. 7 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Dance With My Father
Many of you know that I lost my father, in 2001, to Cancer. He was only 64 when he died. Some may think that he wasn't that young but he was. My Dad was a vibrant and active man. Very physically capable of doing or fixing anything. He was that way until he got sick and it all went downhill for him, very, very fast. He died within 5 months of his diagnosis. Of course, the doctors were shocked that he lasted that long, since he refused any treatment once he was told he was terminal either way.

Why am I talking about my father now? I think it has something to do with the fact that I am just days away from giving birth. Also, last night Jake and I were looking at some of his old baby pictures. Watching my son's silent tears as he looked at his Grandfather holding him, playing with him and smiling at him from his deathbed. It brought back a lot of feelings that I've supressed because I needed to be strong for my son. Jake was only 4 when my Dad died but his memories are still so vivid. He remembers his Papa. Makes me sad that Draco will never have the memories that Jake has.

Just to further cement the fact that Dad was on my mind, I hear The Song. I was driving Jake to school and the song that always makes me cry and reminds me of my Dad came on the radio.

Here are the lyrics but hearing Luther Vandross sing it makes it more incredible.
Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around 'til I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved
If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
How I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again
When I and my mother would disagree
To get my way, I would run from her to him
He'd make me laugh just to comfort me
Then finally make me do just what my mama said
Later that night when I was asleep
He left a dollar under my sheet
Never dreamed that he would be gone from me
If I could steal one final glance, one final step, one final dance with him
I'd play a song that would never, ever end
'Cause I'd love, love, love
To dance with my father again
Sometimes I'd listen outside her door
And I'd hear how my mother cried for him
I pray for her even more than me
I pray for her even more than me
I know I'm praying for much too much
But could you send back the only man she loved
I know you don't do it usually
But dear Lord she's dying
To dance with my father again
Every night I fall asleep and this is all I ever dream
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Guess Who Is In Labor?
Not me. My sister and blog shower thrower: Alice the 'Lil Sis of All Evil

Got the call at about 6am that her contractions were 2 minutes apart. She's in for a long, long day. As of 10 am, she's only dilated to 1 cm and it is back labor.

Wish her luck!
Posted by Rosemary on 01.11.2005. 1 Comments 162 Trackbacks

Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm Looking For Guest Bloggers
Hey everybody!

I'm looking for a few people to do some guest blogging while I'm in the hospital. As long as Draco cooperates, my C-section is scheduled for next Wednesday, January 19th at noon. I'll be needing some blogging assistance for the 3 or 4 days that I'm in the hospital because I'm pretty sure I won't have internet access there.

If anyone is interested in lending a post or two, please leave a comment with a valid email address so I can contact you. Or,if you prefer, you can email me directly: rosemary[dot]esmay[AT]gmail[dot]com

Any help will be much appreciated. My blog is very easy to navigate. I don't care what you write about as long as you have fun. I also don't care if you are a liberal or a conservative. Thank you for considering...
Posted by Rosemary on 01.10.2005. 2 Comments 1 Trackbacks
What A Rant
You must read this right now.

Thank you.
Posted by Rosemary on 01.10.2005. 5 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Saturday, January 8, 2005

What Is A Flurry?
I watched the news last night and saw that we had snow flurries expected.


I woke up this morning to 5 INCHES OF SNOW on my car and on the ground.

Is that a flurry? I thought flurries were like the equivalent of sprinkles. In Michigan, however, flurries could mean a freaking blizzard. And how has your day been?
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So Who's Creepier?
Michael Jackson or this guy?
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Friday, January 7, 2005

Busy Day
Sorry about not posting. I've had a sick little boy on my hands for a couple of days. Finally got his fever down to a controllable 100F, so I will be able to come up with something interesting to talk about in a little bit.

I'll be back later with something profound.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Early Warning Signs
You Might Be A Liberal If...

* You think that protestors outside nuclear power plants are dedicated activists, but protestors outside abortion clinics are dangerous zealots interfering with a legal activity.

* You believe that more federal regulations will make your life better.

* You believe that even though the top 20 percent of taxpayers pay 80 percent of income taxes, that the rich are not paying their "fair share."

* You think that Rush Limbaugh's listeners are mindless "dittoheads," but you have never doubted anything that you heard from Michael Moore.

* You believe that the network news is a better indicator of what "real" news is than talk radio, Internet news sites, and blogs.

* You believe that there was never, ever a problem with biased news coverage until Fox News went on the air.

* You believe that Mikhail Gorbachev deserves more credit for losing the Cold War than Ronald Reagan deserves for winning it.

* You mentally subtract 100 points from someone's IQ if the person speaks with a Southern accent.

* You think that Dan Rather got a raw deal.

* You think that the phrase "separation of church and state" is in the Constitution.

* You pride yourself on your global awareness, global sensitivity and global outlook, but can't name your state legislator or school board representative.

* You are dedicated to helping the poor, the downtrodden and the less fortunate, but you have never given blood.

* You believe that a woman should make it on her own, without depending on her husband (except for Hillary Clinton).

* You believe that professional, working women should never be judged on their appearance (except for Katherine Harris).

* You believe that rich people should not be allowed to contribute so much money to candidates for office (except for George Soros).

* You believe that government should make a special effort to hire members of traditionally oppressed groups, such as African-Americans (except for Clarence Thomas, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice).

* You feel a deep sense of common cause with oppressed groups, such as Hispanic immigrants (except for Cuban Americans fleeing Castro).

* You believe that a mother's wishes for her child, especially a mother's last, dying wish for her child, should outweigh the wishes of a father who had long before deserted his family (unless the child is named Elian Gonzalez).

* You have no problem with Hollywood movie stars flying around in private jets to give speeches on the evils of SUVs.

* You think that raising taxes will reduce the budget deficit.

* You are more concerned, more often, with the rights of convicted felons than you are with the rights of small business owners.

* You uphold a woman's right to choose, unless a woman chooses adoption, chooses to be a stay-at-home mom, chooses to homeschool, or chooses to start a business.

* You are more concerned with Vice President Cheney's links to Halliburton than with Saddam Hussein's links to international terrorism.

* You have used the phrase, "in Europe, the government pays for health care and vacation," without irony.

* You are worried about how the French view Americans.

* You believe that nativity scenes should be banned from public view, but that anyone objecting to pornography "only has to look the other way".

* And finally, you are almost certainly a liberal if you refuse to admit that you're a liberal, and accuse anyone of calling you a liberal of McCarthyism.

Stolen from Geoffrey, who, stole it from Mad Mikey, who also stole it.
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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

My musical choices are very odd. In the car, during the week, I prefer talk radio or easy listening. On the weekends, I like to drive to old hard rock like Ozzie, Aerosmith, and Led Zepplin. When I clean the house, I must have ABBA to start. After that it must be disco, baby. ABBA always starts my cleaning and Gloria Gaynor, Barry White, The Weather Girls, KC & the Sunshine Band keep me going.

When I'm blogging it must be old funk. At this exact moment, I'm listening to Tell Me Something Good (Rufus and Chaka Khan). I love the funk. I bought Pure Funk and I have been blogging with it for months. I suppose it is time to get the next volume. How can you not just get inspired by listening to these old songs?

1. Brick House - The Commodores
2. Pick Up the Pieces - The Average White Band
3. Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire
4. Jungle Boogie - Kool & the Gang
5. Lady Marmalade - LaBelle
6. Mr. Big Stuff - Jean Knight
7. Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas
8. Car Wash - Rose Royce
9. Tell Me Something Good - Rufus & Chaka Khan
10. Superfly - Curtis Mayfield
11. Theme from Shaft - Isaac Hayes
12. Fire - The Ohio Players
13. Flash Light - Parliament
14. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again - L.T.D.
15. Good Times - Chic
16. Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen
17. Word Up! - Cameo
18. Early in the Morning - The Gap Band
19. Don't Stop the Music - Yarbrough & Peoples
20. Super Freak - Rick James

Plus, I want to make sure my boys can dance. I'm not the greatest classical dancer but I can shake my booty. Jake and I boogie to disco and funk regularly. When he was little, Jake was influenced by Dean's musical selections. It's my turn now. Poor Draco, he is currently getting blasted with Lady Marmalade and yes, I sing along. :-)
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That Explains A Lot...
According to Gerber, the most common vegetable for a 15 month old baby to eat is...

The French Fry

And everyone wonders why obesity is on the rise in children. Well, not my baby. We had Jake eating a relatively lowcarb diet for his first two years and the carbs he did eat were fresh fruits and veggies. Draco will be the same. Having grown up struggling with my weight makes food choices for my children extremely important. I don't want them to have to struggle like I did/do.

I did hear a lot of crap from family members about how we chose to feed Jake. Now, they all see the wisdom in our behavior. My little sister is considering the same path with her soon to be born son.

Jake isn't like a lot of kids when it comes to food. If you offer him a treat more often than not his response is that he isn't hungry. He won't just eat crap because it is available. You can't bribe him with cookies or candy. If you want to bribe him with food you'll get farther with a piece of chicken or black olives than a cookie.
Posted by Rosemary on 01.04.2005. 1 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Iraqi Bloggers
Dean's World has the latest Carnival of the Liberated Iraqi bloggers up.

You have to wonder sometimes: do libs ever read any of the Iraqi bloggers except that anonymous Riverbend chick, who never has anything good to say?
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Monday, January 3, 2005

Top Baby Names 2004
BabyCenter has the list of the Top 100.

Here are the Top 10

Girls' Names

1. Emma
2. Madison
3. Emily
4. Kaitlyn
5. Hailey
6. Olivia
7. Isabella
8. Hannah
9. Sarah
10. Abigail

Boys' Names

1. Jacob
2. Aidan
3. Ethan
4. Ryan
5. Matthew
6. Michael
7. Tyler
8. Joshua
9. Nicholas
10. Connor
Posted by Rosemary on 01.03.2005. 18 Comments 93 Trackbacks
It Happens Every New Year
It is only January 3rd and I have seen at least 100 weight loss program/diet center commercials. We are all suffering from the after effects of holiday binging and BAM here come the commercials.

I wonder how much money is made by all the different companies during January and February. This has to be the biggest money making time of the year for the weight loss industry.

How many commercials have you seen that made you feel like a fatty?
Posted by Rosemary on 01.03.2005. 5 Comments 6 Trackbacks

Sunday, January 2, 2005

2005 Predictions
Supreme Court

Rehnquist Retires

Chief Justice of the SCOTUS : Clarence Thomas not Scalia because Scalia is too old. Easy confirmation. The Dems will bend over and take it.

Replacement Justice will be a woman, probably a moderate Conservative African-American woman.


Osama will be killed.

Iraqi elections will be successful but bloody.

An uprising occurs in Iran.

Iraq's WMDs are found, in Syria.


Jamie Foxx wins Best Actor Oscar for "Ray".

Tubby Riefenstahl (aka Michael Moore) gets Gastric Bypass surgery after a major health scare. Then sues his surgeon when he finds out that he still has to cut down on eating.

Michael Jackson get convicted and sent to prison. Six months later we find out that he really is still black.


Bush popularity soars.

Unemployment drops and stock market starts booming - big time.

SS partial privatization becomes a major political battle. Bush wins the battle when prominent Dems, including Hillary Clinton, cross party lines to back the measure.

Nancy Pelosi's eyes continue to bulge as her latest face lift becomes a fashion don't. Tubby Riefenstahl makes a film exposing Plastic Surgeons as a Republican conspiracy.

Got any predictions?
Posted by Rosemary on 01.02.2005. 5 Comments 68 Trackbacks

Saturday, January 1, 2005

Happy New Year
I want to wish all of you a very happy 2005. I look forward to celebrating this year with a few drinks, only a couple of weeks to go before Draco's arrival. We are ready for him, thanks in large part to all of you generous readers that sent us gifts from the registry, your hearts and some cash. All very much needed and appreciated.

New Year's Resolutions:

To post something of substance, on the blog, at least once a day. (Except when I'm in the hospital)

To make sure that Jake doesn't ever feel left out or forgotten, when his brother arrives.

Make sure my wonderful husband doesn't feel forgotten or neglected after the baby's arrival either.

To lose the baby weight by swimsuit season. :-)

To stay as healthy after I give birth, as I did during the pregnancy.

To plant a bigger garden this year.

To do my Spring cleaning , in the Spring this year, instead of the Fall.

Anyone out there have any resolutions to share?

Posted by Rosemary on 01.01.2005. 11 Comments 0 Trackbacks

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