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Friday, June 29, 2007

I'm A Roman Catholic

Posted by Rosemary on 06.29.2007. 2 Comments 0 Trackbacks
High Crimes and Monumental Stupidity

"How much longer do we have to suffer?"

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Typical 10 Year Old Fun

This is what my son and his friend spent all evening playing: Ragdoll Avalanche.

It was so funny to watch I thought some of you may enjoy playing it.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hey Mom! What's That?

We had some wicked thunderstorms yesterday. My sister was dropping her son off around 2pm and the sky was ominous. Right before she pulled up the kids and I were outside and Jake asked the title question. I smiled and winked and said that it looks like a tornado. I said it in such a way that it sounded like I was kidding. My sister arrives and said that she swears she just saw a funnel cloud. I poo-poo'd the notion took my nephew and grabbed the kids we went inside. Then I we did our storm prep. It was a funnel cloud but I didn't want everyone panicking because I needed the kids to listen to and follow my instructions. I called my sister on the road and told her the weather situation. Just as I called, the sirens went off. She asked if those sirens mean anything besides what she thinks they mean, I said no. They mean tornado. I hung up with her and took cover with the three kids.

All is well but my computer went wonky and didn't get better until Dean fixed it last night. It was an interesting day.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why, Chris, why?

by Jerry

When I was young, I was a huge Pro Wrestling fan. Not the "real" kind, the "Sports Entertainment" World Wresting Entertainment kind. Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Iron Sheik, Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. You name them, and no doubt I was a fan. By High School, I outgrew it and never looked back. Until there was a rumor that Hulk Hogan would turn bad. So I was curious.

I was hooked again. This time to a new breed of wrestlers. Dean Malenko, Rey Mysterio, Kevin Nash and the Canadian Crippler Chris Benoit were my favorites. After a while, I got bored again and stopped watching.

I only tune in now when I hear about the latest wrestling tragedy. Usually it's the wrestler doing something stupid to off themselves. Natural selection & Darwinism at it's finest.

It makes this latest tragedy all the more shocking.

I never thought one of the wrestlers that I liked and respected could be a cold blooded murderer. Burn in hell Chris Benoit.

"I'm baffled about why anybody would kill a 7-year-old," District Attorney Scott Ballard said. "I don't think we'll ever be able wrap our head around that."

That quote says it all.

Chris Benoit strangled his wife, smothered his 7 year old son, then hung himself.

He is a murderer and a coward.

He may have very well put the final nail in the coffin of "Professional Wrestling". He did for me. I can't even look at it anymore without thinking of his poor son...

Thats all.. I can't write anymore..

Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 06.27.2007. 19 Comments 0 Trackbacks
What Is The Deal With Wasps?

No, this isn't the start of a bad joke. When I was young, a wasp was a black scary thing that I didn't see often. Not so anymore. Yellow jackets are not black, they look like bees but they are aggressive and everywhere. This week, Dean and I killed and removed ten nests from around our house and shed. There was even one in our damn gas grill. Hard to make bbq when you have a wasp nest in the hood of your grill. I'm seeing yellow jacket trap commercials now from Raid. I'm not paying for a damn trap when I have a cheap, sure fire kill method that I discovered a few years back. I can get them anywhere, no matter how high. If you are having trouble all you need is some Windex or generic glass cleaner. Spray the bastards till they die, only takes a moment. But, wait until sundown so you get them all. Any earlier and you will miss the workers. They all come home to roost at dusk and that is when you get them. If the nest is high up, get Windex Outdoor and attach to your hose. Then you can spray any nest. Remember that you must remove the nest. Killing isn't always enough, you don't want any wasp squatters to come back and make use of the thing.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I See Dead People

Too bad there isn't a voter registration drive this week.

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Random Page Hits

Just some stuff I found amusing today:

Coolest MilVet story of the day. This could have been any Marine veteran I know.

IMAO iz teh funnay!

Best Paris Hilton post EVAR! (I've already said too much)

Posted by Michael The Rock on 06.26.2007. 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Talk About Crap

A while back, Dean and I made a lunch date and took Draco to CiCi's Pizza Buffet. We had never been there and so we figured why not. We figured WRONG. I'll tell you why not, their food blows. I'd rather eat your vomit, seriously. In a nutshell, I'd say it's like Chuck E. Cheese Pizza without the rides and games, except Chuck E. Cheese pizza is technically almost edible.

Don't waste your time if you like your pizza to taste like pizza. Hell, don't waste your time if you like your pizza to taste like food. It could be that ours just sucks but it is a chain and chains are supposed to be consistent. The only good thing they served was brownies but how hard is it to make a brownie mix badly? As long as you don't over/under cook it, brownies are good.

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Did You Know...?

Even though I'm 39 years old and I've had a couple kids, I can still get my legs behind my head. As we get older, that is a worthwhile skill to have. I have a few others but that is a discussion for late night.

Enjoy your lunch break!

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Funniest Thing This Week...

Via McKiernan @ Dean's World

You can get a Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club sweatshirt with the motto: "Putting the Smackdown on Heresy since 1980". I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. Almost.

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Airport Security

It wasn't that bad. I had to go to the airport yesterday and jump through some hoops to pick up a friend's child. My friend Karen moved to Florida with her son Veto (Jake's BFF) a few years ago. She called me Saturday to ask if I could put him up for a few weeks because his Grandmother just died and he needed to fly here for the funeral. She called again on Sunday to ask another favor. There was a screw up with his flight and he was coming in early Monday and her older son wouldn't be able to get him. Of course, I said. He is a minor (11) and I needed to get a gate pass and get through security so I could collect him.

It wasn't as bad as I thought, of course, I wasn't traveling so I could eliminate any "bad items" before going through. I wore sandals so slipping off my shoes was no biggie. It was a fairly quick process and the TSA people were really nice. One agent even complimented me and I dig that, I dig that a lot. So, I got the boy and brought him home and spent the day with my kids. Jake and Veto have been inseparable since we walked in the door.

Blogging is back on schedule today.

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Monday, June 25, 2007


This horse walks into a bar..


Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 06.25.2007. 14 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Saturday, June 23, 2007

When Balls Go Blue...

Call a doctor. Seriously, I got nuthin. I just wanted to post something. Anything. You got anything funny? I'm in a quirky mood.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

When Dildos Go Green...

The sex toy industry is studying options to be more healthy and eco-friendly.

Most vibrators, dildos and “love dolls,” for instance — especially the soft, pliable “jelly” type — use some form of plastic. In an effort to make the materials softer and more lifelike, PVC plastics suppliers incorporate one or more members of a family of compounds called phthalates (FAY-lates). To hear some environmentalists tell it, using a vibrator that includes phthalates is akin to bathing in DDT. Alarmed, some sex toy retailers, most prominently San Francisco-based Good Vibrations, are banning toys that include phthalates. But to hear the chemical industry tell it, phthalates are about as benign as mountain spring water. So what is a sex toy consumer to do?

For the time being, if you are concerned use a condom. There are more expensive toys free of phthalates that use silicon, glass, metal or a certain type of rubber. But who wants to pay upwards of a hundred bucks for a sex toy? Hell, for that price I could get a new pair of shoes and that is always guaranteed to make scream with pleasure. I love shoes and I love getting shoes on sale. Wait, what was I talking about...oh yeah, sex toys. If you are concerned about phthalates, rent porn and use your hand. That's as eco-friendly as you can get.

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Fun With Nicknames

The Washington Post has a piece on Secret Service nicknames for current and former CinCs and POTUS candidates. Obama is Renegade and HRC is Evergreen. They don't have any other of the current crop listed, so, lets make some up.

  • Edwards: Barbie
  • Biden: Talksalot
  • Dodd: Dink
  • Gravel: Who?
  • Kucinich: Nutter

  • McCain: Rino
  • Guiliani: 9/11
  • Thompson, T: Cheesehead
  • Paul: Whackadoo
  • Tancredo: Wall
  • Romney: Panderer
  • Hutchinson: Reverend
  • Thompson, F: Hammer

Any suggestions? Did I miss anyone?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mr. Rubyan Goes To Washington

And meets Karl Rove on his flight back. Pretty cool, Ara, pretty damn cool.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


"The word 'martyr' is just a fancy name for 'crappy fighter'." ---Frank J. of IMAO


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Hillary spoofs the Sopranos.

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Look Out Hillary, John and Barak!

Mike Nifong is looking for a job and the Democrat Nomination for POTUS could be just the thing!

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Ara is positively green with it.

I know it seems unfair that Republicans have such loyal friends but that's life. Only a Republican can get his friend to apologize for putting his face in front of his bird shot. Only a Republican can get his friend to take all the blame for his corruption and completely absolve said Republican [Guiliani cough Kerik]. Democrats don't have that but they don't need it...

Democrats never accept blame anyway, they blame everyone else.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Mount Horeb Guy Posts on QOAE

I asked the Queen to allow me posting privileges here. And she duly awarded me a magic password.

So here I am, and here's what I aim to write about. (All this stuff below is more or less from the email I sent Rosemary.)

You probably all know I'm not a blogger. I just read a lot and absorb a lot of stuff that interests me. And the older I get, the more things interest me even if I have less time to pursue all of them.

Anyway. Many of you have read most of my stuff over the years, so you know more or less what I'm about.

Not necessarily just rants on topics that make me salivate or turn me to toast, but all kinds of stuff.

-- reviews of films that most of you haven't seen, but maybe would have, if you'd known about them;

-- some of Stefi's tastier croatian or other recipes;

-- local land use planning (I have a degree in it, and I'm heavily involved in putting together a comprehensive plan for our local township);

-- armchair strategy about old wars, and history in general;

-- cleaning/lubricating/adjusting classic German 35mm rangefinder cameras, but only those about which I have hands-on experience;

-- bio-diesel, ethanol, american agriculture, and the post-oil peak world;

-- Stefi's experiences in archaeology, historical linguistics research, public school substitute teaching in a liberal community, and coping with a guy like me around the house;

-- pistol and submachine gun matches (legal most places);

-- backroom politics in real-life local political parties;

-- whatever else suits my fancy but Rosemary's too, as QOAE host.

-- foreign policy occasionally, but surely not every damned day;

-- travels I've made, and travels Stefi and I talk about, if we can cash in and just do it;

I'm more whimsical than some of the folks who are doing the heavy hitting on Dean's World these days. Probably more sarcastic, too. But I like to lighten up, now and then. Besides. I think Rosemary has fewer taboos than Dean, so long as nobody makes the mistake of trying to shove her around. But if posting works out for me on QOAE, maybe I'll ask Dean if I can do something similar over in his shop. I'm not sure if he lets non-bloggers post. But what the hell, a guy can always ask.

Feel free to bash me over anything I write. Or if I bore you to death. I'm argumentive but surely not sensitive. And, anyway, I'm frequently wrong. But I can't know that until I've discussed the issue at hand rationally with somebody. Or irrationally, depending on the somebody. But right or wrong, you have to convince me about it. Or no cigar.

Arnold Harris
Mount Horeb WI

Posted by Arnold Harris on 06.19.2007. 76 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Monday, June 18, 2007

New Contributor

I'm gonna have a new co-blogger. I'm not telling you who, it's a surprise. I'll let the new blogger do it. You're gonna love it!

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Batting Cage

Yesterday, we spent Father's Day out in the fresh air. We took the kids to the batting cage so Jake could get some practice in. Dean and I both took our turns as well. I haven't swung a bat, with any real effort, in a good 15 years. I took 45 pitches and I solidly connected 42 times. I sent 42 pitches flying like rockets. Needless to say, my son was impressed. I think Dean was too, a little.

They both know I used to play but my saying it is one thing, actually seeing me bat was quite another. There were people passing by yelling things like "G'damn, did you see how hard she hit that ball?" and "Holy f**k! That'd be a homer." It felt damn good to swing a bat again but today my arms hurt. Eh, either way I still got it and now when I give Jake stance suggestions, he won't look quite so doubtful anymore. A few weeks ago, I told Jake that I used to bat clean up and now he knows why.

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Mike Nifong Disbarred

Good. "Dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation" This man abused his power as a prosecutor and the NC Bar could not give him anything less than disbarment. Now I wonder how soon before the Duke players he destroyed sue his ass in civil court...

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Pappy's Day!

I'm posting this late because I've been busy. Hope all you dads had a great day!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

What About The Democrats?

Every story on the stalled Immigration Bill talks about the Republican opposition. It's not just Republicans, the Democrats aren't stupid either. A WSJ Poll shows that most strong Dems and Reps think this compromised bill blows:

The survey asked Americans whether the immigration bill that the Senate is considering is an "acceptable compromise." Among self-identified "strong Democrats," 29% said it was; 19% of "strong Republicans" agreed.

Only 29% of strong Dems favor this sham of a bill, along with 19% strong Reps.

By contrast, 57% of strong Republicans agreed that the measure gave "too many compromises to illegal immigrants by allowing them to stay in the U.S." Just 31% of strong Democrats shared that sentiment -- a 26-point gap between the true partisans on the key issue in the debate.

More people, on both sides, feel this compromise is too much.

Yes, we need immigration reforms but what we don't need are bad reforms. And we don't need border security tied in just to compel votes. National security is a separate issue from immigration reform. Yes, they intersect but security isn't an area that should be compromised. Plus, a shitty fence is just that, unless you plan on making the U.S border fence electrified like a maximum security prison.

You people represent us and a majority on both sides think this bill blows. I say scrap this tired piece of shit and try again.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Dean's World Blows: When good blogs go bad

I've been a daily reader and "contributor" to Dean's World about one month after it started. There were about 20-30 readers. Two of my favorite contributors were Gary Utter and Steven Anderson - both have died in the past few years. The two best writers - Mark Adams and Ara Rubyan were banned.

Dean's World was funny, humorous, insightful and all threads turned gay without the bitter words and bible quoting. Dean was an enlightened Bright, and the Iraq War hadn't started yet. Dean's World was a pleasure to be a part of.

Skip ahead a few more years. Democrats and/or those against the Iraq war are labeled traitors, evolution is doubted, the Bible is quoted every other post, Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld = good, Kerry/Clinton/Obama = bad. Nearly all posts turn bitter between those supporting civil rights for same sex couples and lost in the woods fundamentalist Christians who actually contend that two men in love constitute sin. (can you fucking believe that?!?).

Oh, and the Bible thumpers dominate the posts. Hell, even Dean is believer now. The next thing you know, he'll be handling snakes in North Carolina at an Evangelical Holy Ghost Church.

I'm sorry to say that the best of Dean's World is gone - at least for me it has. It's still dynamic, but I question its relevence. I don't like it, and when I read it each morning, it "brings me down man."

Thankfully, the Queen's blog exists. Mark, Ara, and all the other furry animals are free to play and express their views. So, in a sense, I'm banning myself and Jamaal from Dean's World. It's been a great ride, but it's time for me to go.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gaza Civil War Is Israel's Fault?

It must be, the The Globe says so.

The people of Gaza are the true victims of the civil war most of all because the fighting is destroying their future. With the military wing of Hamas poised to seize complete control of Gaza in what Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has rightly called a "coup attempt," Gaza's residents stand to lose whatever hope remained of achieving independence and a decent life in a viable Palestinian state.

The Hamas campaign to eradicate Fatah from Gaza is certainly not the sole cause of Gazans' misery. They long suffered from Israel's suffocating occupation, and then from Ariel Sharon's foolishly unilateral withdrawal in 2005, a move that allowed Hamas to bid for power with the misleading claim that its rockets and suicide bombings had driven Israeli soldiers and settlers out of Gaza.

So, Israel is to blame for both occupying Gaza and leaving Gaza. Why aren't the Palestinians to blame? Aren't they the ones that elected Hamas? Do the editors at the Globe not remember that there was an election? Guess it would be hard to call them innocent victims if they did. It's much easier to blame Israel. Israel left and Hamas magically came to power. Israel, damned if they do and damned if they don't. At least, this one isn't Bush's fault. Yet.

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The Silent Killer

For many years, Ovarian Cancer has been regarded as the silent killer because most cases aren't detected until it is far too late. Medical experts have finally agreed on a list of early warning signs/symptoms. With 22,000 news cases and 15,000 fatalities a year because of late discovery, this news is overdue and most welcome. This is information that all women should be aware of so make sure you tell all of your loved ones.

Based on research led by Dr Barbara Goff, a gynecologic oncologist at the University of Washington, who has published several papers in recent years, the symptoms that are much more likely to be experienced by women with ovarian cancer compared to the general population are:

* Bloating. * Pelvic or abdominal pain. * Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly. * Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency).

Women experiencing these symptoms daily for several weeks should see their doctor, preferably a gynecologist, said the joint announcement.

As with all cancers, early detection is the key. Now we have a better chance at reducing the 80% fatality rate and that is indeed great news.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dean's World Open Thread

This thread is dedicated to all my friends that were officially banned by Dean or chose to stop commenting voluntarily.

Got something you want to comment on over there but can't/won't?

Do it here!

Kevin and I both posted today. I did it for nose tweaking purposes, Kevin needed to express an idea my post inspired.

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Draco's World

So, he's not quite 2 and a half. I've already reported that he knows his ABC's and he's taken to spelling a little. Now the boy can count 1 to 20 and in reverse 20 to 1 by memory. He can say and identify numbers to 29. Last week, Dean and I took him to the park near Jake's baseball practice and he stunned us yet again. As we put him in the baby swing his foot got caught. He looked at Dean and said "shoe". Never heard him utter that word before. We suspect that he has quite a vocabulary in his head and he's just not willing to share it unless it's necessary. The stinker.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Putting Two and Two Together

Anyone else been wondering why the President is in such an all-fired hurry to get the Shamnesty™ bill passed by circumventing all the proper Senate procedures?

Maybe it's because of this.

I'm just sayin'...

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Jimmy Can Crack Corn But ...

... He can't marry Billy and he'd better not conflate that struggle with Loving v. Virginia. More same-sex marriage debate at Dean's World. This time we are beaten over the head with why the SSM issue isn't a Civil Right's issue. LaShawn Barber says stop bogarting our issue, we aren't prepared to share. Well, that's not very Christian.


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This Is Disgusting

"Jubilation turned quickly to anger Monday after Georgia's top prosecutor vowed he would fight a judge's order that would have set free Genarlow Wilson, a Georgia man serving a 10-year prison sentence for a consensual sexual encounter he had as a teenager."

I can't express, in words, my anger over this miscarriage of justice. This young man was on his way to college on a scholarship and instead was shipped off to prison for 10 years because of consensual oral sex with a 15 year old girl when he was 17. After two years, his attorney's finally get a judge to correct this travesty and now the prosecutor is fighting it. The law that netted this guy ten years was changed after his conviction and made his crime a misdemeanor. But this new law wasn't able to get the votes to make it retroactive. Fuckers.

Set that young man free, for the love of Christ, set him free.

HT: Ron Coleman

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Monday, June 11, 2007

I Love Dennis Miller

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The Sopranos

It's over and I'm a little sad. First, Deadwood didn't get renewed and now The Sopranos is over. I'm starting to run out of quality shows to watch. Thank goodness Hell's Kitchen is back.

What did you think of the ending? My blood was pumping and the set up was brilliant. I hate it when they end a show neat and tidy. At first I was annoyed, after I laughed and toasted David Chase. That bastard got us all. Funniest moment of the show was when the Fed Agent cheered the death of Phil saying "we may just win this thing". I love that he used the word "we" when referring to Soprano and his obvious bias in his favor.


BTW, I'm still pissed that sweet Bobby got whacked.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Gays in the Military: Tales from the Closet

First of all, I'm a straight active Army veteran of 17+ years and still going strong and have served with MANY gay Soldiers and Officers. Most people around these Soldiers either knew or had a strong suspicion that these Soldiers were/are gay. There was NO situation in which a gay Soldier ever disrupted or hindered any mission I've ever been on nor have I ever heard of a situation where a Soldier's sexual orientation ever negatively impacted the mission - EVER. These individuals are gay, but they are Soldiers first and foremost - period! For the record, I've always been against the ban on gays openly serving in the military. If a Soldier can fire a weapon, carry a ruck, and WANTS to Soldier, we "want them on that wall! We need them on that wall!!"

Now, why haven't these Soldiers been kicked out of the military? If the Army dismissed 60 Arabic linguists because they were gay, how can a gay Soldier continue to serve on active duty? The answer is very simple: they wanted to get kicked out. If you are gay and want to get out of the military all you have to do is approach your commander and state, "I'm gay, and I want out of my military contract." My contacts at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA tell me that when it looked like we were going to go into Iraq and be there for the long haul, many Arabic linguists were looking to get out fast. They also knew that with their intense training, they could easily land a job with the state department, FBI, CIA, or NSA (which doesn't discriminate against gays).

If you want to stay in the military and you're gay, don't say those words or do anything overt that would bring undo attention to yourself and your lifestyle. For instance, marry a member of the same sex, perform homosexual acts in public where your commander or other members of your unit can see, or get a Judy Garland tattoo on your arm. Likewise, it's completely unprofessional to go around flaunting your heterosexuality at work. If I committ an unlawful act (adultery, harrassment, fraternization with a subordinate) with a Soldier of the opposite sex, I can get kicked out as well.

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Friday, June 8, 2007

That Is So Gay

Everytime I hear that remark, it's made by someone looking at someone else wearing something ridiculous.

Today, Jake and his friend Nick were chatting and playing on the internet. Out of the blue, Nick laughed and said that is so gay. Jake immediately said no gay man would be caught dead in thaaaaaat! I almost spewed my diet Coke.

Don't you just love kids?

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Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton.

That's all. Just Paris Hilton.

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I'm Completely Unsurprised

That Che Guevara was a racist, homophobe and murderer. I just don't understand why so many on the far, far left think he's inspirational. I've never understood that. What is so cool about Che that people can overlook all the truly evil things he did? I have a t-shit with Che sporting a bullet hole in his head. The one response to my wearing it that really made me laugh came from a super lefty girl wearing her pro-Che t-shirt. She tried to explain why Che was awesome and my shirt was disgusting. I smiled and told her to never, ever visit Miami. She said that she wouldn't because "those people" are ignorant down there. I told her that sneeringly referring to Cuban born Americans as "those people" is racist. All I got in response was an indignant huff as she walked away calling me a fascist.

What is the deal with people thinking Che is a hero?

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

What Is It?

We are going to play a game. The game is "help the Queen figure out what the hell is wrong with Draco".

Saturday I noticed that Draco looked like he got a couple mosquito bites. It was odd cuz he was the only one. The next day, he had more. Today I really looked at them and all of them are less red but now they have a weird lump in the center. Very blister-like lumps. They almost look like nipples. Draco and I both have a mild cold. I don't have any of these bites and I haven't been away from him at all.

Dean looked at them and said that they look like a mild form of chickenpox. I have NEVER had chickenpox, so I wouldn't know. Draco was vaccinated against chickenpox a year ago.

Could he have chickenpox, despite the vaccination? What else could it be? Also, if I never had it and I still don't have any bumps, am I safe?

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Gay Marriage in California

Michael is upset with the Governator. He believes that the will of the people will be ignored if Governor Schwarzenegger vetoes AB43, which would change the definition of marriage to a union of two people, rather than one man and one woman.

In California, as in all states, the will of the people was to elect a group of legislators to go to the capitol and make decisions. In California, they’ve done that. Why will Governor Schwarzenegger ignore them again? Schwarzenegger will likely veto the bill, even though the duly elected representatives of the people have decided otherwise.

Here is my problem with Michael's analysis. It's not that I disagree with Michael, on principle, it's that I disagree with the assumption that the "will of the people" is being represented with this bill.

In 2000, the people of CA passed a ballot initiative known as Prop 22. The proposal passed with 61.4% of the vote. The meat of it was defining marriage as one man/one woman. It's been 7 years and the tide may have shifted in favor of marriage equality.


IN California, the legislature is free to amend or rescind its own enactments, but voters must approve any attempt by the legislature to amend or repeal an initiative statute. Therefore, it is the Governator, not the legislature, who is protecting the will of the people. As much as I agree in marriage equality, I have to side with Arnold on this one. The voters must be allowed to vote on any change to the initiative they originally approved.

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Fred Thompson's Record

Fred Thompson, lawyer, lobbyist, actor and former U.S. Senator (December 2, 1994 – January 3, 2003).

He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a former member of the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission and a Visiting Fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, researching national security and intelligence. Thompson is also a public speaker with the Washington Speakers Bureau and is a special program host and senior analyst for ABC News Radio. He publishes a daily blog and podcast on the ABC Radio web site.

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The Graying Duo

Via: Blackfive. Originally reported by the Boston Globe. A story of heroism on a flight from Minneapolis to Boston.


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Why Fred Thompson?

I have 5 words that are a plus to Fred Thompson: Ann Coulter doesn't like him.

As the field stands now, I'm with Fred! for the Republican nomination. Lots of time to change my mind.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Did You Watch The Republican Debate?

Don't worry if you didn't, Dave Weigel has the play by play.

Best moment of the night, Rudy gets asked about the Catholic Bishop's comments comparing his abortion position to Pontius Pilate's washing his hands of the crucifixion and just as Rudy starts to respond, LIGHTENING STRIKES and eff's up his microphone. [Rudy that was God calling, get your ass to a confessional quick!]

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What's So Great About Obama?

Ara loves to say "watch what they do, not what they say" or something like that. My question is what in the hell has Obama done that leads you to believe he'll make a good POTUS?

They can all say whatever they want, most candidates have a record of something that we can look at to judge them by. Besides being smart and likeable, what has Obama actually done that makes him more qualified to lead the nation than the other candidates?

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Monday, June 4, 2007

Don't Use Chinese Toothpaste

FDA has released a warning on toothpaste from China: "The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday in its advisory had warned consumers to avoid using tubes of toothpastes labelled as made in China, and issued an import alert to prevent toothpaste containing the poisonous chemical diethylene glycol (DEG) from entering the US. The FDA has raised concerns that the products may contain - diethylene glycol or DEG or diglycol stearate, used in solvents."

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified the following brands of toothpaste from China that contain DEG and are included in the import alert: Cooldent Fluoride; Cooldent Spearmint; Cooldent ICE; Dr. Cool, Everfresh Toothpaste; Superdent Toothpaste; Clean Rite Toothpaste; Oralmax Extreme; Oral Bright Fresh Spearmint Flavor; Bright Max Peppermint Flavor; ShiR Fresh Mint Fluoride Paste; DentaPro; DentaKleen; and DentaKleen Junior.

I brush and floss my teeth upwards of 5 times a day. I'm positively obsessed with dental hygiene. I don't use Chinese toothpaste but I wanted to pass along the warning, in case, any of you do.

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How can it be any other way?

Nineteen year-old South Carolinian Trevor Halls asks.

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Sunday, June 3, 2007


by Jerry

It's a Bird!

It's a Plane!(Air Jordan)

No, it's Lebron James kicking the Pistons ASS all by himself!

Did the Pistons just fall asleep up 2-0, or is LeBron just better??

Based on the last 4 games, I'd have to give the nod to LeBron.

Gratz Mark and all the Cavs fans out there on your first trip to the finals.

Now please go beat San Antonio...

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Future Shock

A Polish man wakes from a 19 year coma to discover democracy and capitalism in his once communist homeland.

It a nice little story. One I hope reminds us how lucky we are to live in the freest nation in the world and the good we've done to bring freedom to the world.

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Breaking News!

Frank J has just released a FAQ on the Immigration Bill that the White House plans to release. IMAO Exclusive: The White House's and WSJ's Immigration Bill FAQ

Spit Screen Warning: Drinking while reading may be hazardous to your monitor.

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Sex Question...

What's the best climate for great sex?

Hot, steamy and sweaty?

Cold and screwing for warmth?

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