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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Religion Free Zone

Okay, I've had enough God talk to last me a while. I don't want this blog to turn into SPoDE.

Time to talk about dirty movies or something...

Anyone have any good recommendations? I haven't seen any good ones since Space Nuts and Raw Hide.

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Happy Birthday!

To the QOAE's Lil' Sis.

Sto Lat! Alice, sto lat!

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If I Wasn't Sure Before...

Now I know I made the right choice. Sean Hannity endorses Mitt Romney. I can stop chanting "serenity now", now.

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Or Not...

This post illustrates why people who are not scientists shouldn't comment on things even scientists can't agree on.

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How To Avoid A Traffic Ticket...

First, it helps tremendously if you don't drive 50 in a 35mph zone. I couldn't quite manage that, unfortunately. Second, braking hard when you see a police car has about a 50/50 success rate. In my case, it didn't work. So, I got pulled over.


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God Matters

by Jerry

In the comments to my "I Guess I'm Just Different" post, Shep responded with this: Like most things in life, God's got nothing to do with it.

He wrote that in response to my statement about both parties being willing.

I couldn't disagree more. So much so, I created a new entry.


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My Zen

Kenpo Karate. I've started taking both private lessons and group. This week I learned how to throw a proper punch, the key being to cause as much damage to my opponent and as little to myself. I've also learned how to move while throwing left hooks and right crosses. I did 3, 2-minute rounds, got slightly winded. Then I did a second set and really kicked butt. It appears I'm a natural boxer. I also have a killer left. Next week, I start learning open hand and foot strikes, also blocking. Eventually, I'll work my way up to weapons. Of course, that's way down the road...

I'm so in deep like with this sport. The biggest thing is that I've finally started to have the fog lift from inside my head. I'm starting to see things as they are and not how I wish them to be. It's Zen, baby. It can be brutal but at least it's honest.

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The 2006 Midterm Elections -- retold as a love story.

A friend sent this to me and said that it kinda mirrors my life. Now that the elephant is on his way out of my life, I need to find my donkey.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Strange Bedfellows

Who would be strange bedfellows? Well, in terms of this post it would be myself and Al Franken. It doesn't get stranger than that. What on earth am I thinking? Actually, I'm thinking about God and my absolute faith that there is one.

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I Guess I'm Just Different

by Jerry

I made a commitment before God and my family. One of my vows was "till death do us part." Call me crazy, but I plan to honor that commitment. No matter what*. It's something my family may not understand and there is nothing I can say or do to help them understand.

With all due respect to them, they don't have to understand. This is between me and God.

Posted by Jerry on 01.30.2008. 9 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Florida Fallout

Almost immediately after the polls closed last night, we heard that Rudy Giuliani was dropping out. He will announce that, and endorse McCain today.

On the Democrat side, there are now only two. In a bit of a shock, to me at least, John Edwards has dropped out. He will not immediately endorse a candidate.

I figured Edwards would have lasted at LEAST thru Super Tuesday. I guess not.

Posted by Jerry on 01.30.2008. 15 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Something Fun. Presidential Paintball!

Obama and Romney supporters may want to take out their frustrations..

Posted by Jerry on 01.30.2008. 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Posting Will Be Light Today

The Queen is under the weather. Maybe somebody else will post something fun...

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Florida Primary

McCain and Romney are neck and neck, with McCain slightly leading, as of 8:20PM EST.

Hillary Wins! No delegates or anything. I guess we can call it a moral victory...

I'm watching American Idol. I'll update the Republican race later.

Update 9:25PM EST: McCain Wins Florida.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.29.2008. 26 Comments 0 Trackbacks
What's in a name?

Top Ten TOTALLY Unelectable First Names for current and future Presidential Candidates (from the home office in Nanakuli:)


Posted by Tim on 01.29.2008. 32 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Haven't All "Land Developers" from Chicago ...

Been indicted at least once? I thought it was like a prerequisite or something... Barack Obama's guy-pal and donor from the Land of Al Capone and ketchup free hotdogs had his bail revoked.

A businessman who has fundraising ties to both Gov. Blagojevich and Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama won’t have the comforts of home tonight — namely a mansion in Wilmette — as a federal judge revoked his bond this afternoon and sent him to jail.

Prosecutor contended that Antoin “Tony” Rezko repeatedly lied to the court about his finances while out on bond on fraud charges. Tony Rezko allegedly secretly received millions of dollars in a bank account.

“The reality is this defendant has played a shell game,” and has “misled the court” about his financial situation, Assistant U.S. Attorney Reid J. Schar said.

Eh, big deal. It's Chicago, where the dead rise just to vote for the Democrats. Shady developers, slimy politicians... I'd be more shocked if it were totally fraud free. That would be news worthy.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.29.2008. 3 Comments 0 Trackbacks
The Greatest Betrayal!!!

The NY chapter of NOW is angry at Ted Kennedy's greatest betrayal. What is Ted Kennedy's greatest betrayal? The list is so long, how can you choose a greatest? NOW is a women's group, so obviously, Kennedy's greatest betrayal is ... endorsing Barack Obama. You liberal chicks crack me up. Ted Kennedy is the scummiest miscreant of all the Kennedys, there is a dead girl, various accusations of rape and abuse of women in his past, yet this is his greatest betrayal?

I've always thought the chicks of NOW were a bunch of whiny, hypocritical assholes. They never disappoint me.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.29.2008. 35 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union

Did you ever notice that George W. Bush was hot. Sweet ass on the POTUS. Okay, I wasn't actually watching it. I was too busy getting pretty for a very overdue night out. And yes, I'm wearing my Issac Mizrahi boots. They make me 5'11"...

Tell me about the very last SOTU that my beloved will deliver, so I don't have watch the rerun on late night news. No bigger buzz kill than that.

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Crooks and Liars Recognizes Greatness

Well, not greatness, but definitely oodles of liberal goodness. Mark Adams post on American Street was linked. So, I will link it for all of you, Mark Adams fans.

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Sing It! - Doc Weasel - Sing It!

My friend, Doc Weasel wants to know: Is the Republican nomination being driven by a bunch of fucking racist bloggers?

The answer is simple. YES. Of course, it is. That's why I'm getting called a liberal now for supporting/voting McCain in the Primary. Well, that and because I will absolutely vote for Clinton if the Democrats don't stupidly choose another...

Here's what the Doc has to say:


You should go and read the rest...

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Socialism Is Bad...

Well, it was bound to happen, free healthcare does have some costs afterall.

Doctors are calling for NHS treatment to be withheld from patients who are too old or who lead unhealthy lives.

Smokers, heavy drinkers, the obese and the elderly should be barred from receiving some operations, according to doctors, with most saying the health service cannot afford to provide free care to everyone.

Of course, high cost private insurance doesn't limit anyone's access to drugs or treatment options. No, that never happens. I guess that's why Cancer Insurance won't be a big sell.

According to Dave Price:


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Can anyone float me a Marlboro? Just one, I swear...

[Owww! I just got pinched and handed another damn Nicoderm patch]

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I'm Sick Of The High Road

It appears that I may be sick of it but I'm just not nasty enough to do anything about it. Damn.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.28.2008. 8 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Is Honesty The Best Policy?

I've always thought so. I've tried really hard to be completely honest since I became an adult. Sure, I'll tell someone a tiny lie to spare hurt feelings. Women do it all the time, for example there is this beauty: "of course I came". Dude, seriously, if you have to ask, she didn't. "It's not the size that counts"... Look here fellas, you can't jump a woman packing an inch worm and expect to rock her world. You'd better have some damn tricks or you will be getting lied to, a lot.


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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let's get something straight

The Democrat that gets the nomination will become the next President of the United States - period. Sen. McCain is the ONLY Republican candidate that even has a chance to make a decent showing in the general election, but he's going to get whacked (figuratively) either by his own party or by the Democrats if he gets the nomination.

I'm putting a case of Blue Moon beer on this prediction. Who wants some of this action?

Democrats are going to kick some Republican ass this fall, and if you've ever seen republican ass - it's fat, slow, stupid, and in the way. You know it's just begging to be kicked!!!

Posted by Tim the Soldier on 01.27.2008. 17 Comments 0 Trackbacks
4 Weeks

Smoke free. I'm a bit of freak in other areas now ... but I can breathe without asthma meds.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.27.2008. 7 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Proof That I'm A Turncoat...

To my "values" and my "conservatism" by my hardcore Republican brothers...

The NY Times has endorsed both Hillary Clinton and John McCain.

Whatever. Like the NY Times has never been right before...

Posted by Rosemary on 01.27.2008. 3 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Sometimes I Hate Being A Girl...

Women are generally intuitive, men are usually not. This why couples tend to fight. Women guess or read into something that a man did or didn't do. 80% of the time the woman is right but that still leaves 20% wrong. That 20% can kill a good relationship especially because women don't like admitting they are wrong 20% of the time. They will focus on the 80% correct - to the death.

I try to avoid using my intuition because it always gets someone in trouble. The only time I listen to it, at all, is when my stomach starts acting up. If I get nauseated, I re-evaluate. Personally, I'd rather just go with the flow. As most of you know, I recently re-evaluated. The one thing that these last few months have confirmed for me is that my intuition sucks ass. It is getting better but man...I really hate being a girl.


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Botany 101

I'm not sure if Ara was just screwing with me or not when he said: Cashews have shells now...?

But screw it, it's 2am on a Sunday morning and I can either write a post about those shitty nuts or watch the 3rd installment of "Elmo in Numberland"...

Guess which I choose?


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You Know What Sucks?

When your 3 year old decides to wake up from his nap, around the same time you were heading to bed...

There is only so much Elmo a person can handle at 2:00am

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

The late great MItch Hedberg

"Saved by the buoyancy of citrus!"

Posted by Tim the Soldier on 01.26.2008. 8 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Obama takes South Carolina

Despite attacks from the Clinton machine...

Big deal. Yeah, that's all I got. It's Saturday and I'm too relaxed to give a crap tonight. :-)

Posted by Rosemary on 01.26.2008. 3 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Non-campaigning, Campaigning.

Lefties are outraged at Hillary's secret attempt to win Florida by sneaky campaigning. Shocker!

Hahahahahaha. Face it, they are pissed because, as everyone knows, the Clintons are smarter campaigners. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rosemary on 01.26.2008. 5 Comments 0 Trackbacks
In My Head - Reprise

I took this post down, a few days back, for a dumb reason but I posted it for a really good reason. So, it's back because the person that inspired the post, still inspires it and probably always will.

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Mmmm, Mercury

Well, this kinda sucks. I'm not the biggest fan of fish. Actually, I'm probably the pickiest eater you'll ever meet. I mean, I'm the kind of person that hates cashews. One thing I do love is shellfish. If it comes in a shell, I'm all over that baby ... unless it's a cashew. Ick.

Oddly, as picky as I am, I love sushi. Well, not love but I do like it a lot. And tuna steaks, I like those too. So yeah, it sucks to find out that something I like and thought was pretty healthy is on the EPA's hit list. You know this is almost as bad, as the time I read the ingredients of hotdogs. Finding out that you're eating pig snout and scrotum, that's some traumatizing shit for a 10 year old. Now it's mercury, PCB's and dioxins. Great! I gave up French fries for that?

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If I'm a Democrat...

What the in the hell are you guys?

Which political sterotype are you?

Democrat - You believe that there should be a free market which is reigned in by a modest state beaurocracy. You think that capitalism has some good things, but that those it helps should be obliged to help out their fellow man a little. Your historical role model is Franklin Rosevelt.
Take this quiz!

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Friday, January 25, 2008

Anna Nalick

She is one of my very favorite female recording artists. She writes some of the most poetic and beautiful lyrics I've ever heard. Everytime I hear one of her songs, I am moved. Often, her lyrics express my own feelings better than I can.

One of my favorite songs by her is called Forever Love (Digame), I understand that digame means "talk to me". Oh and before anyone starts wondering if there is a hidden meaning to this post, there isn't. I just really love this song. I wish there was a hidden meaning...hopefully someday there will be.

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Selfish People

I read this post about selfish people and the comments regarding the post and I'm confused. Since when is choosing to give birth a selfish act? Yes, I know the post was really about why biological fathers matter and why stepfathers are inferior. I got that. You don't have hit me in the head with a hammer, I get it.

I'd like to pose a different view. First, if you haven't read Tim's post about being a step-parent then you should. Now, I understand that there are many, many men and women, in this world, that will never be able to connect to a child that has no blood tie to them. There are also many men/women that are unable to connect to a child they themselves created. I think it's terribly sad but I know it happens.


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Thursday, January 24, 2008


At about 3:13 into the clip, I absolutely lose my ability NOT to pee in my pants.

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"Fathers Matter"
They certainly do.
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Text Messaging

By Jerry

It seems like yesterday when phones were made for just talking. Now you can do photos, video & text. I'm not sure when text messaging became popular, but now-a-days you can't go anywhere without seeing someone send or receive a text message.

I received 3 yesterday and I'll probably receive some more today.

Thank goodness I'm not a Mayor or something. Now it appears text messages can be used to prove you committed perjury.

When did the text messaging craze start??

Was it American Idol?? Something Else??

Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 01.24.2008. 13 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Open Thread

My co-bloggers are busy this morning, so I'm interrupting my hiatus to give you this open thread.

Also, to tell you that I got a beautiful pair of Isaac Mizrahi suede boots with a 3.5 inch heel. Thank you, shoe Gods, for dropping these babies from heaven just for me.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You gotta love this:

In 2005, Glenn Sacks (apparently a misnomer of a last name) led a successful campaign against the T-shirt logo which had printed on it: "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them!"

His protest resulted in having the line withdrawn from a number of stores across the USA.

Why Glenn "Sacks" didn't lead another campaign entitled...

"I'm a big giant wussy, and I want to turn all young men into pansy-ass sissy boys" I have no idea.

More details available over at Steaming Pile of Dog Excrement.

Cowtip: what's the point?

Posted by Tim the Soldier on 01.23.2008. 20 Comments 0 Trackbacks
For the curious...

by Jerry

Things have been getting way too serious lately, at home and most especially at work. So a co-worker posed a question that made me piss myself.

He said, "How many 5 year olds can you take in a fight?"

I figured at least 10, but according to the quiz:


Now, I'm curious if my co-blogger Tim, the SOLDIER will "Man UP", take the quiz and post the results..

Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 01.23.2008. 22 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Fox Proves it Can't "Man Up"

Again, tell me why decent Americans actually watch Fox "News?"

Keith Olbermann is a grown man!

Posted by Tim the Soldier on 01.23.2008. 77 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger ... Dead at 28

Posted by: The Queen's Lady in Waiting

Heath Ledger was found dead in his NY apartment. Appears to be drug-related.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.22.2008. 23 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Fred Thompson quits

by Jerry

And then there were 4...

Thompson is out. So that leaves McCain, Romney, Huckabee & Giuliani.

By mid February we should be down to two.

Presidential Politics season is by far my favorite of all the major sports.

Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 01.22.2008. 13 Comments 0 Trackbacks
A Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day

Apparently this can now be applied to movies as well.

As a secondary Packer fan, this was a tough pill to swallow. Fortunately, I'm a primary Lions fans, so I'm used to disappointment..

Still this bit from Coming to America in 1988ish is funny and true..

Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 01.22.2008. 7 Comments 0 Trackbacks
"Man Up"

I love that phrase. It ranks up there with "Army Strong" "HUA!!" "Good to Go" and my unit's motto "Fight for Truth!" It's concise but conveys so much. Even women and children can "Man Up."

To "Man Up" means to do the "right" thing regardless of pride, fear, or more often than not - EGO. It means to choose to be a positive influence in your community, your city, state, and nation or at least be moving towards that end. A person who man's up doesn't blame anyone else for his or her problems or situation. He accepts full responsibility and works to rectify his mistakes. And manning up also means realizing that things will never return to the way they were before and accepting that fact.

The whistle-blower who stands up for what is right despite the fact that it could hurt his career.

The little boy who admits he broke the vase.

The criminal who surrenders to police without a high-speed chase.

The witness who testifies against the mafia.

These people "Man Up."

A person gains great respect and redemption, even from his adversaries, when he chooses this path.

Likewise, it is a great human tragedy when someone is unable or refuses to see the error of their ways.

Ultimately, it's our choice - Redemption or Ruin. And isn't that what we all are looking for, redemption.

Posted by Tim the Soldier on 01.22.2008. 13 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Queen Is Dead...

Well, not quite dead. But, I am taking a hiatus. Hopefully, one of my co-bloggers will pick up the slack.

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They could not kill his dream...

for it should now be our dream.

Posted by Tim Snyder on 01.21.2008. 4 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Election Stuff

Well, I'm a bit stunned. The South Carolina Primary is hot, hot, hot...

McCain and the Huckster are neck and neck with McCain currently leading, as of 8:50pm EST. Thompson is trailing in 3rd with only 16%. Not looking good for Fred. Actually, I think we can safely say that Fred is Dead, his campaign I mean.

In Nevada, Romney and Clinton are the big winners. Pretty exciting for an ice cold Michigan Saturday.

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Three Years Ago Today...

I gave birth to the youngest Prince of All Evil, Draco.

A lot can change in three short years...

Sto Lat to my little Prince.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

I Want Change - Who Can Deliver?

I'm convinced. That's a pretty damn good video.

Via: Balloon Juice

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Republicans Gone Wild ... South Carolina Edition

Mike Huckabee is acting like the ugly girl with no prom date. Desperation oozing out of him, he tells South Carolina's voters:

“You don’t like people from outside the state coming in and telling you what to do with your flag,” Mr. Huckabee, a former governor of Arkansas, told supporters in Myrtle Beach, according to The Associated Press.

“In fact,” he said, “if somebody came to Arkansas and told us what to do with our flag, we’d tell them what to do with the pole; that’s what we’d do.”

I thought he was a former minister? Talking about shoving poles up asses... I think he has some unresolved issues. The best part was at a news conference later. He was asked whether the Confederate Flag was offensive and he said...get this: “It is not an issue the president of the United States needs to weigh in on.” Right! Then why bring up in front of the crowd? Why talk about shoving flag poles in asses? He's an instigator and I don't want an Instigator in Chief.

John McCain is campaigning with Jack Kemp. I love Jack Kemp. Jack Kemp is probably one of the biggest reasons I started voting Republican. He pulled me over to the dark side. If Kemp is with McCain, now I know McCain was the right choice, so to speak. John McCain has some words about the current stimulus plans being tossed around by the Democrats:

“My friends, you’re going to hear from the Democrats, Let’s pump $70 billion, let’s pump $80 billion, let’s do this, let’s do that,” he said. “My friends, remember who is going to pay that. It doesn’t come off a printing press. It comes out of your pockets.”

Yeah, well, I don't want the Democrats pumping my pockets... John McCain will protect our pockets from the hoards of Democrats that want get in there. He's my hero. Anyone that will protect my, um, pocket from swarms of Democrats, that's my guy. See I like a big strong soldier type, even if he is older than dirt.

Rudy Guiliani, is he still running? Fred Thompson seems to be exploding. Looks like South Carolina loves Fred Thompson. Don't believe me? Hey just as Fred's campaign staff. They won't stop emailing me with news about how much everyone loves Fred. I wish they'd start voting for him...

Romney seems to be battling hardest against McCain. I guess he doesn't feel like anyone else is any real competition. Ouch. Sorry Huckster, Romney thinks you are a bigger joke than the rest of us.

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Ron White

One of my favorite bits by him starts at about 1:12 on this video. It still cracks me up even though I've seen it a dozen times. This guy's delivery is spot on. I just wish he had new stories.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Never thought I 'd have to...

by Jerry

Well, I closed a conversation I started (the geek filled video game one: "So...") and deleted some posts. It was tough. I don't want to send the wrong message. But come on. Enough is enough.

Posted by Jerry Kondraciuk on 01.17.2008. 0 Trackbacks
What if....

Kevin Bacon was...


Posted by Tim Snyder on 01.17.2008. 1 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Holy Crap!

I just found out that my Bible is incomplete. No wonder I'm pro-Gay Rights. I had no idea...I always figured that homosexuality was on the same level as regular pre-marital or extra-marital fornication which is, let's face it, way more rampant. Well, looks like all those "we hate teh gheys" types have the copy of the Bible, with the missing chapters, that I don't...

I wonder if it's like when you get pulled over. Do you know how many times I've heard the words "ignorance of the law is no excuse"? Oh well, fuck it. If I'm going to burn, at least, I'll have lots of liberals to keep me entertained.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.17.2008. 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Advice For My Favorite Psycho...

Dear Ann Coulter: Shut your stinkin' piehole.

Are you too busy boning up on Consumer Reports' reviews of microwave ovens to spend one day thinking about who should be the next leader of the free world? Are you familiar with our "no exchange/no return" policy on presidential candidates? Voting for McCain because he was a POW a quarter-century ago or Huckabee because he was a Baptist preacher is like buying a new car because you like the color.

If I want to vote for someone because I like their hair, it's my right to do so. If I want to vote for someone simply because they possess a uterus, it's my right to do so. If I want to vote for someone because I truly believe that they would be the best choice for this country, it's my right to do so. If I want to waste my vote on a non-viable 3rd party candidate, it's my right to do so.

I don't have to choose the way you do. Hell, if I thought you were right more than 10% of the time, they'd lock me up. If I want advice on how to be a sexy scarecrow, I'll look to you. If I want to improve my screeching harpy skills, you're my role model. But when it comes to choosing the next President, I'd take advice from my 3 year old before I listened to you. Now, please, for the love of all that's holy, go eat a sandwich or something.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.17.2008. 19 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Why John Edwards Won't Win The Presidency? Part 3

If you consider John Edwards’s positions on global warming, energy independence, and Big Oil™;it is AMAZING that he would dismiss nuclear energy as an option to help the U.S. wean itself off foreign oil. Nuclear power is the only environmentally friendly, economic, and efficient source of energy that is viable for our massive need. Solar and wind is almost a joke. They will never meet our demand and bio-fuels are still years away.

John Edwards is a twit and it's time he picked up his toys and went home.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Most Impressive Stretch

Richard Cohen wrote a hit piece on Obama, in the Washington Post. And I do mean HIT PIECE. It has everything you want in a good smear - Hitler, Louis Farrakhan, anti-semitism and Nation of Islam [oooh, I'm scared. He said Islam...]

It gets even better. Captain Ed, who I like quite a bit, manages to blame Hillary Clinton for Cohen's piece. No, I'm not kidding. It's all Hillary's fault because her Civil Rights record is questionable. It is? Wasn't she married to our very first Black President? She can't be that bad on Civil Rights...

Even better yet, Andrew Sullivan links to Ed with much praise. He likes his candor or something. Candor? I'll give you candor.

John Cole is ready to hang himself in frustration and I'm just stunned by the creative way this became all Hillary's fault.

I want her to be the next President so bad, I can't even express it in words.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.16.2008. 30 Comments 0 Trackbacks

McCain lost. Romney won.

With 80 percent of the voting in, Romney was at 39 percent over McCain with 30 percent. Mike Huckabee had 16 percent while Ron Paul polled at 6 percent. Fred Thompson had 4 percent and Rudy Giuliani was at 3 percent.

Hillary Clinton also won tonight, which is good because, for a while, it was a dead heat between her and Uncommitted. You know what's really sad? Fred Thompson and Dennis the Menace learned that having a hot wife is only worth about 4%.

With 80 percent in, Clinton had 57 percent compared to 38 percent for “uncommitted,” 4 percent for Kucinich and less than 1 percent for Gravel.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

McCain is Surging

Local news reported that exit polling suggests that McCain is surging in Michigan. I didn't know a guy that old could actually surge. Awesome.

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Are Pigs Flying?

Has Hell frozen over? Weird. I always thought that those two events would surely occur before I would ever agree with Glenn Greenwald...

I think I need a hug.

Posted by Rosemary on 01.15.2008. 4 Comments 0 Trackbacks

By Jerry

Last night I asked my wife to play the part of Rudy Giuliani's intern. She said no. So it looks like I'm going with Romney today. Bummed out that the wife refused to play the part, I figured I would fire up Mass Effect on the XBox 360. According to this dolt at Town Hall, there is some good sex in this game.

It was after I started playing, I realized. I already had some wild passionate love with the Asari Consort. Yeah, that really got my rocks off. Seeing my avatar's bare chest and a petite BLUE hand slamming up against a steamy window. Fade to black and then we are done.

The scene plays out like this. Here we are, both fully clothed in the consort chambers (ie the sex room). With me are the Consort, plus my two party members Ashley and Tali. The Consort decides that words will be my reward. After she performs verbal fellatio, I get all pissed and say, is that all?? So she tells me to close my eyes. Next thing I know, I'm barechested and her blue hand smacks the glass. Fade to black and then we are back standing there fully clothed and my party of Ashley and Tali are there again.

If this were as bad as that Town Hall jerk makes it sound, there should have been a Menage-A-Quatro or something.. Geez..

Kevin D. at Dean's World has more..

(Comments closed and pruned a little)

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Still Smoke Free

I'm starting my 3rd smoke free week. I feel good and I look even better. I haven't gained a single ounce of weight. Au contraire, I've lost weight and I'm really getting toned.

You see I'm a bit stubborn. When people say things like "if you quit smoking you're gonna get fat" and I say "no, I won't". Well, I feel compelled to prove them wrong especially after they snicker like I'm some kind of moron. Take that you snickerers (you know who you are tubby)- I refuse to gain a single ounce.

Not only that but I'm going to look better at 40, than I did at 30. And 40 is just a few short months away...

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What a Morning!

It's one of THOSE days. I woke up late, kids woke up late and there was 4 inches of snow on the ground. So, I start issuing orders like a General, I trudge through the snow to clean the car. That's a workout. Then I race Jake to school at a harrowing 25 mph. You know something? This is Michigan, it snows. This is not some strange phenomena. Why do some people act like they forgot how to drive on it, when, it doesn't happen for a few weeks?

Seriously, it's just some damn snow. The roads were salted. The sky was clear. The snow wasn't falling. It fell overnight. When the speed limit is 45 on a one lane road, we kinda expect everyone will drive in the range of 45. Driving 25 MPH on a clear road that is posted to be 45, that's the kind of crap that will get someone's ass kicked. Not by me because I'm not the road rage type. I am the kind of person that would secretly wish for an anvil to drop from the sky...

Anyway, so I get back home just in time to grab Draco drive him to pre-school. This time everyone is driving like they have more than just a functional brain stem. Thank the heavens. Drop off the baby and now I'm on my way to vote. Lighting the way is a blaze of Romney signs with some Ron Paul signs sprinkled about. Michigan loves Romney. Well, I voted and I surprised myself. I actually did vote for McCain. I was really tempted to vote for Fred but I went with my gut. My gut said McCain.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

My McCain Support Is Squishy

I'd Rather Be A Fredhead!

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Daily John Edwards Fact

LOL. Seriously, I just spewed my diet Coke all over my damn desk.

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I Think

Somebody needs a hug...

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From the Mailbag


Men Are Just Happier People-- What do you expect from such simple creatures? Your last name stays put. The garage is all yours. Wedding plans take care of themselves. Chocolate is just another snack. You can be President. You can never be pregnant. You can wear a white T-shirt to a water park. You can wear NO shirt to a water park. Car mechanics tell you the truth. The world is your urinal. You never have to drive to another gas station restroom because this one is just too icky. You don't have to stop and think of which way to turn a nut on a bolt. Same work, more pay. Wrinkles add character. Wedding dress $5000. Tux rental-$100. People never stare at your chest when you're talking to them. New shoes don't cut, blister, or mangle your feet. One mood all the time!

Phone conversations are over in 30 seconds flat. You know stuff about tanks. A five-day vacation requires only one suitcase. You can open all your own jars. You get extra credit for the slightest act of thoughtfulness. If someone forgets to invite you, he or she can still be your friend.

Your underwear is $8.95 for a three-pack. Three pairs of shoes are more than enough. You almost never have strap problems in public. You are unable to see wrinkles in your clothes. Everything on your face stays its original color. The same hairstyle lasts for years, maybe decades. You only have to shave your face and neck.

You can play with toys all your life. One wallet and one pair of shoes — one color for all seasons. You can wear shorts no matter how your legs look. You can "do" your nails with a pocket knife. You have freedom of choice concerning growing a mustache.

You can do Christmas shopping for 25 relatives on December 24 in 25 minutes.

No wonder men are happier.

I still like being a woman and I hardly ever get depressed. Pissy? Sure. Bitchy? Only a day or so every month, oddly like clockwork...

We are soft, we smell nice and we get to wear pretty things. Yes, I won't use a public toilet but I will use the woods or a nice shrubbery. I know how to use tools, I can build basic home furnishings and children's toys, I can swing the crap out of a bat and I know all the rules of all the major sports. I drink beer - not the crappy kind though and I'm not that picky. I'm probably the lowest maintenance chick you'll ever meet. Unless you're a filthy, smelly pig, who lacks basic manners and is unclear on the purpose of utensils, then I'm picky and "high-maintenance".

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I'm More Influencial Than I Thought...

Republican voters are finally wising up to my view of this Primary and November's election.

Republican voters have sharply altered their views of the party’s presidential candidates following the early contests in Iowa and New Hampshire, with Senator John McCain, once widely written off, now viewed more favorably than any of his major competitors, according to the latest nationwide New York Times/CBS News Poll.

The findings underscored the extraordinary volatility in the Republican race and suggested that the party was continuing to search for a nominee to rally around. Nearly three-quarters of Republican primary voters said it was still too early for them to make up their minds “for sure,” meaning that they could shift their allegiances yet again if one or more of Mr. McCain’s rivals breaks through in the two Republican primaries this week, in Michigan and South Carolina.

OTOH, Democrats are still a bunch of idiots. You guys still have no clue about "electability"? Get thee off that short yellow bus and listen to me. You blew it with Gore. Made it even worse when you chose John Kerry because of his [cough] "electability" [cough]. You people have no clue what it takes to win an election. Obama WILL NOT WIN. Never gonna happen. He's too young and the North East of this country is filled with a bunch of racist liberals that won't vote for a black man. Sorry.

If you want the Presidency then you need Hillary Clinton. Get over your Clinton hatred and get that woman nominated. Or you'll be hailing yet another Republican POTUS.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

War is our ultimate enemy

Report links Iraq, Afghanistan vets to killings in U.S.

Associated Press

At least 121 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have committed a killing or been charged in one in the United States after returning from combat, The New York Times reported today.

The newspaper said it also logged 349 homicides involving all active-duty military personnel and new veterans in the six years since military action began in Afghanistan, and later Iraq. That represents an 89-percent increase over the previous six-year period, the newspaper said.

more here:

While this is probably not all that shocking considering how long we've been engaged is a criminally planned and executed war with the 99% of the blame falling squarely on Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush in that order, it's still disturbing to know that civilized men can be turned into cold-blooded killers in such a short time.

Or, were these men already predisposed to that type of violence and war was just a catalyst? I'm of the opinion that it's a little of both.

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What's In A Name?

My blog will be moving to a new server very soon. I'm going to make some minor changes and one really big change. The minor changes shouldn't affect my readers and comment community too much. The thing that will change, the BIG thing is the name. I'm not giving up "The Queen" part but I'm thinking I want a new ending. More fitting who I truly am. I also think my tagline has to change because it implies that I am "the conservative" and clearly I am not.

So, I'm looking for tagline ideas and new names. What should my blog really be called?

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Damn Straight!

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

There Is No Better Feeling...

In the world, than to find out that someone thinks you are special and worthwhile. It's just the morale booster a person having a rough time needs. So, don't be shy - tell someone you care about that they are special.

But don't offer them a hug. Unless they are into that kinda thing. ;-)

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There Is No Worse Feeling...

Than realizing that you are an idiot. It happens to all of us at least once in our lives... It sucks. I'm amazed by my own naivety.

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Don't Fall For The Shenanigans...

In my John McCain thread Ara sweetly tells my brother that if he still lived in Michigan, he would vote for Mitt Romney. That smelled funny to me but I was too busy to investigate.

Now that I'm able to blog for more than 10 second intervals, I went on a blog journey. Ara isn't usually the shenanigan type but that comment screamed:


I asked myself, who is the biggest piece of shit in the blogosphere? Not just a piece of shit but the biggest one in the entire universe of blogs. There is only one. Markos Moulitsas, yes, kos. And there it is...

If Mitt Romney wins, the Democrats win. Duh!

You must go with John McCain. There really is no other viable choice and the Democrats have no candidate that can take him, except, Hillary. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on your preference, I suspect they are too stupid to nominate her.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Another of My Favorite Bands

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Network TV's big gamble is failing

by Jerry

So, the big Networks decided to play hardball with the writers and now they are on strike. It's been a little over two months. One of the main points of contention are the profits on video (VHS/DVD/BluRay) sales. I'm sure there are plenty more, but that is the main one I hear about. So why not give the writers their fair share? I don't get that..

Anyway, as this strike goes on, I find myself watch less and less TV. My household used to live and die with the TV. Our DvR was packed to the gills with stuff that we had to watch. Now, it has like 3 shows. Thats it. Well, 4 now. Apparently my DvR thought there was a new Grey's Anatomy last night. Maybe there was. We'll find out Sunday night when we watch it.

Thats my main point. There is so much else to do with our time, rather than squeeze an hour (aka 42 minutes) tonight to watch the show, we'll put it off till Sunday.

So we went from devoted Monday Night & Thursday Night TV watchers to, eh, we'll get to it eventually. I'm sure there are alot more people out there like us.

When the strike started, I was sad because I knew I'd miss Heroes. But you know what, I got over that at Christmas when I got an X-Box 360. More re-runs means more X-Box 360 time.

I guess the one good thing to come out of the strike is the soon to be buried reality TV craze. There is going to be so much of it, people who actually like it will get so sick of it, it will be gone for good. Kinda like Who wants to be a Millionaire.

Anyway, the Queen is busy today so I figured I could ramble incoherently for a few paragraphs..

If anyone wants me to post something on their behalf

let me [show] know..

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I'm Busy Today - Open Thread

Any good links? Or some funny comment? Give me your best shot! I'll be back much, much later.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Wild Card

I just got a new cell phone. I'm so damn giddy about it. I have some serious cell power baby!

It's from Virgin Mobile and it's called the Wild Card. Aren't you jealous of me now?

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Bad Karma For Obama...

First he wins Iowa, now John Kerry has endorsed him. The only thing worse that could happen to his campaign... Al Gore's endorsement. Like a nail to a coffin.

Hillary remember Bill's old campaign song? Don't stop thinking about tomorrow. It's looking damn good right now!

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Another of My Favorite Bands

This song is in my Top 100 favorite songs.

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I Feel Special

It's that time again. The Republican hopefuls have come a courting the Roman Catholic contingent in Michigan. I think I should pull out my pretty new dress and fix up my hair. I love getting courted. Who will suck up more? Smear more? Last cycle, it was McCain that smeared Bush and went on to win the State Primary. Nothing us Michiganders hate more than an anti-Catholic bigot. Well, there is one thing. A liar. But heck we'll vote for a liar, as long as he's really good at it.

So bring it on boys, I'm all dressed up and ready to be courted. Except for you Huckster, we Catholics know how you Baptists feel about us. We may date you, even flirt with you, but marriage the presidency is right out!

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Another of My Favorite Bands

Apparently not good enough for Tim's Top Ten but...still I love them.

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Another Weird Food Post

I have a very peculiar thing that I do to my popcorn, when I go to the movies. Anyone that has seen me do it, always, looks at me like I'm a freak. Some more adventurous souls have tried it and LOVED it. I love hot buttered popcorn with loads of jalepenos dumped on top. I will not go to a theater, if, they don't serve nachos. You see, no nachos means no peppers. Yes, my kids eat it that way too.

OTOH, if I happen to go to the movies when I'm a bit PMS-ish. I will skip the peppers and dump a big ole bag of Reeses Pieces on my hot buttered popcorn. Reeses Pieces are my first choice but I will accept peanut butter M&M;'s if they are available.

Another thing I like to snack on that makes people look at me oddly...olives. Kalamata is my favorite, but I also love big green olives as long as they aren't stuffed with those nasty pimentos. Truly, I never met an olive that I didn't like.

I'm also a huge cheese fan. I hate milk but I love cheese. And not just your basic cheddars and the like. They have a place in my heart but my real love is more interesting: Feta, Asiago, Parmesean Reggiano, Kaseri, Gruyere, Chevres, Edam, Brie and etc. You get the picture. Good high quality cheeses can make a good meal truly great.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another of My Favorite Bands

More age appropriate. ;-)

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Why John McCain?

Ara wants to know why I would vote for John McCain over Rudy Guiliani. The answer is simple. John McCain, despite some minor disagreements I have with him, has integrity. I believe that John McCain always does what he believes is best for this nation. I believe that John McCain puts country first over his own personal agenda. John McCain also served admirably in the military. He is a true hero. He is not a self serving hypocrite. He is an experienced leader and would make a fine President.

Rudy Guiliani is no John McCain. It's that simple. When I vote, I vote my conscience. And I cannot, in good faith, cast a vote for a man that I truly believe is morally corrupt. Despite what some people believe about me, winning isn't more important than my own integrity.

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Nothing Progressive About Ron Paul

Unless you can be a racist and be progressive. That just seems oxymoronic. A forward thinking guy who thinks David Duke was misjudged and Martin Luther King Jr. was ... well, why don't you read it yourself.

Martin Luther King Jr. earned special ire from Paul's newsletters, which attacked the civil rights leader frequently, often to justify opposition to the federal holiday named after him. ("What an infamy Ronald Reagan approved it!" one newsletter complained in 1990. "We can thank him for our annual Hate Whitey Day.") In the early 1990s, a newsletter attacked the "X-Rated Martin Luther King" as a "world-class philanderer who beat up his paramours," "seduced underage girls and boys," and "made a pass at" fellow civil rights leader Ralph Abernathy. One newsletter ridiculed black activists who wanted to rename New York City after King, suggesting that "Welfaria," "Zooville," "Rapetown," "Dirtburg," and "Lazyopolis" were better alternatives. The same year, King was described as "a comsymp, if not an actual party member, and the man who replaced the evil of forced segregation with the evil of forced integration."

While bashing King, the newsletters had kind words for the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke. In a passage titled "The Duke's Victory," a newsletter celebrated Duke's 44 percent showing in the 1990 Louisiana Senate primary. "Duke lost the election," it said, "but he scared the blazes out of the Establishment." In 1991, a newsletter asked, "Is David Duke's new prominence, despite his losing the gubernatorial election, good for anti-big government forces?" The conclusion was that "our priority should be to take the anti-government, anti-tax, anti-crime, anti-welfare loafers, anti-race privilege, anti-foreign meddling message of Duke, and enclose it in a more consistent package of freedom." Duke is now returning the favor, telling me that, while he will not formally endorse any candidate, he has made information about Ron Paul available on his website.

That kind of racism doesn't disappear overnight. Don't let your blind rage at Bush and the Iraq War fool you into thinking that "Progressives" like Ron Paul would serve our nation better. No, my friends, Ron Paul is not progressive or forward thinking. He was racist just a few years ago and if you listen very carefully to all he has said during the debates. He clearly still is.

We don't need that kind of trash running our country.

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I finally have an evening where sleep is looking great. The kids went down easy, I finished all I needed to do.

So naturally, I can't sleep. I'm wide awake and it's almost 2:30am. I have to be up in 5 hours and I'm staring at this stupid computer...

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I'm So Happy

Hillary won the New Hampshire Primary!

...and so did John McCain. Looks like I'm gonna have to hold my nose and vote for McCain in the Michigan Primary next week.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I was shopping earlier and there was this huge display of nuts. Every nut you could imagine. Almonds in many varieties, peanuts, cashews, filberts, macadamia, etc...

You know something? I think I'm the only person on the planet that hates cashews. I absolutely despise them. I think they are horrid. My son is standing behind me and just shrieked. "You hate cashews? How could you?"

I could, I do. They fucking suck. I'd rather eat a dirty sock.

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New Hampshire Predictions

McCain will beat Romney like a red-headed stepchild. Obama will end the dream of John Edwards and Hillary is going to go into a full fledged panic. And that means, more Bill.

Yeah baby, just what us gals want to see on the campaign trail. Beefcake. Sweet talking, southern and sexy! Bring out Bill!

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Maroon 5

Love this song, love Adam Levine (purrrrrr), love that they sound even better live than on the CD. Jake and I sing this everyday on the way home from school.

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Three Cheers for LSU

LSU kicked the snot out of Ohio State, gaining its second BCS title and making OSU 2-time losers.

Hey Mark Adams! Been a long time since you heard "We Are the Champions", eh? L-O-S-E-R


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Why John Edwards Won't Win The Presidency? Part 2

Two words: Joe Trippi

I think it's time Joe Trippi got a job that better suits his ability. How about host of the TV show "Biggest Loser"?

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I Want Change

I want political candidates to come up with a creative NEW slogans. Saying that it's time for a change is as fresh as Helen Thomas' coochie.

You know what would be new? If any one of them said, "I represent the status quo, I promise not to completely fuck up the nation and if we're lucky I may do something inspiring. But...don't hold your breath". That guy or girl would get my vote, simply because I'd be shocked at the raw honesty displayed.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Still One Of The Best Ever Bands

Despite what Matt Parker and Trey Stone say about Bono...

This is one of my absolute favorite U2 songs.

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Ladies, Please Stop!

Today has been a lovely day, in Michigan. It's 50° or so, windy light rain earlier. Feels just like Spring, truly. So it should surprise no one that we snowbirds took this opportunity to shuck off the winter coats in lieu of lighter wear. I, personally, wore my favorite black yoga pants, tank top and my lovely red windbreaker. I ran errands and then I went to pick my son up from school. I felt chipper and I drove with the windows down and Maroon 5 way, way up. I get to the school, park and that's when my jaw dropped.

30+ year old women, especially mothers, should not wear pants with the word JUICY printed on the ass. I don't care if everyone you meet drops to the ground and swears, to the almighty, that YOU have the juiciest ass on the planet. YOU DON'T WEAR THAT TO AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. And furthermore, you don't put a matching pair on your 3 year old daughter. A 3 year old little girl does not need to prance around in JUICY pants. What are you teaching that kid? Why not just buy her some clear heels and a pole to dance on. Obviously, you are prepping her for her future career as a stripper.

How was your day?

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The Un-Dive

Relations between Dean and The Queen are a private matter. There will be no more blogging about the big "D" and no more public comments.

Jacob really wants to be able to go online again. So, STFU and let's do it for The Children™.

Thank you.

[Some of your comments have been deleted. I'm assuming you understand why.]

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Talk About Exciting!

New Hampshire is a new game for the Republicans, with McCain pulling into the lead over Romney. On the Democrat side, Obama seems to be like a runaway train, too hard to catch.

Where is the popcorn when you need some?

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1 week

Today I am smoke free for a full week. I feel amazing. I'm breathing better, I have more energy and I haven't turned into a raving bitch. My evil plan is working and despite warnings from all my smoker buddies and ex-smoker buddies, I have not gained a single ounce of weight. To the contrary baby, I lost 3.5 lbs. You know what the best part is? I haven't changed my eating habits at all. Nope, everytime I get stressed out or feel like I need to smoke, instead of hitting the fridge or snack cupboard, I will pace fast for about 2 minutes. Hoping that will make the craving pass, if it doesn't, I hit my Pilates Performa and workout until my body aches. Yes, that does mean that I work out a lot now. I replaced smoking/snacking with core training.

It's a great plan. By summer, my body should be smokin' hot and smoke free. Yay me!!!

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Did You Ever Have A Song ...

Pop in your head after talking to someone? Happens to me all the time. I was chatting with a close friend today and after I hung up Billy Joel took up residence in my brain. If you don't like him, don't hit play. If you do or you're just dying to know what my song of the day was ...

Click it.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008


by Jerry (The Duke of all Evil?)

I have a decent job. I make a livable wage. My wife also works, so the family gets by. We struggle, but we make it. In 2008 we are hoping to have another child. We've been trying for six months, but due to some maternal medical issues, its just not happening. So we've turned to the wonder drugs. You know, the kind that can spawn 3 to 6 children at a pop.

Hopefully, we can have at least one more. If we have two or more, then we are in trouble.


I would not be able to afford my wife's salary. She'd have to stay home and according to a study, her salary would be in the neighborhood of $140,000 a year. That's more than TWICE my "livable" wage. Thank goodness its just an estimate, as all moms work for free.

CNN did a story on a Mothers worth. You can find it here:

It's an interesting read, and puts things in perspective.

Even a mother with a full time job "on the side", should still be paid $85,000 per year for care of the children.

I bring this up because sometimes we tend to forget about mothers and all the work that they do for FREE out of love for their children.

I'm lucky that my wife chose to work. Dare I say that I'm blessed. Had she chose to stay home, which is her RIGHT, its my duty as a husband and father to care for my family. Even if that means finding a better paying job, or getting a second job.

That's what a MAN is supposed to do.


That's it. Comments are now closed. Have a nice day.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Really Bad Day

I'm having a really, really bad day. I'm not going to elaborate on why, you'll just have to trust me. On the plus side, I am still smoke free - which after the bomb I got hit with is truly a testament of my absolute will to succeed.

Did I tell you guys that my brother adopted our sweet little puppy? We had to give him up and Uncle Jerry came to the rescue. So, we still have Pudge in our lives. My brother is a hero to his nephews.

Anyway, lets move on. Oh, right, bad day. Blah, blah, blah. Really sucked...

Yeah, that's about it. So, I just want to fuck around and tell some really bad jokes. Here we go:

Tame and Lame: Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, a smart blonde, and a dumb blonde are walking down the street when they spot a $100 on the ground. Who gets it? Nobody. The first four don't exist and the dumb blonde thought it was a gum wrapper.

Kinda Icky: Two 90 year olds had been dating for a while, when the man told the woman, "Well, tonight's the night we have sex!" And so they did. As they are lying in bed afterward, the man thinks to himself, "My God, if I knew she was a virgin, I would have been much more gentle with her!" And the woman was thinking to herself, "My God, if I knew the old geezer could actually get it up, I would have taken off my panty hose!"

Two Good Chuckles: There was a guy who was struggling to decide what to wear to go to a fancy costume party... Then he had a bright idea. When the host answered the door, he found the guy standing there with no shirt and no socks on. "What the hell are you supposed to be?" asked the host. "A premature ejaculation," said the man. "I just came in my pants!"

EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW: A guy walks into an elevator and stands next to a beautiful woman. After a few minutes he turns to her and says, "Can I smell your pussy?" The woman looks at him in disgust and says, "Certainly not!"
"Hmmm," he replies. "It must be your feet, then."

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Obama and the Huckster

Impressive wins in Iowa for Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee. I hope they enjoy the feel of victory. It won't last. There is no way in hell, Mike Huckabee becomes the Republican nominee. And, I have very strong doubts that Barack Obama will have the momentum to get the nomination either. Besides, winning Iowa hasn't been lucky for a Democratic candidate in a long while. Just ask President Kerry (2004), President Gore(2000), President Harkin(1992) and President Gephardt(1988). Only Clinton won Iowa but only after he was POTUS. Iowa is not really that important. The only thing I know for sure is that winning Iowa has been unlucky for a Democrat, during my lifetime anyway.

I'd rather fuck a socialist than have Mike Huckabee as my next President... Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Rudy Guiliani - you guys are making me nervous. Get with it. I'd even vote for John McCain for crying out loud. I swear, if I have to vote for some damn Democrat (not you Hillary - you're my girl!) because you asshats screwed up this Primary... Hell, I don't know what I will do but it won't be nice.

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A Couple Tips For Men of Advancing Years...

This little bit of wisdom comes from a 69 year old guy that recently retired.

Men after the of age 60, you need to always remember two important things:

  1. Never trust a fart.

  2. Never pass up an erection, even if, you are alone.

Sage words. Number one is especially important. Your wives will thank you. My rule has always been this: If I have to scrape your drawers with a spoon, you can just toss them out. Cuz, that's just nastier than I'm willing to go.

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just For Jerry

My brother is a little disturbed by my recent horny public displays. Some of it is because I quit smoking and I need to channel my energy elsewhere. The rest of it is because I'm a bit of a perv. Jeez, dude where have you been? This ain't news. Okay, I guess it is a little weird reading your older sister's horny ramblings. So just for you, I have a story that is perfect.

When I was about 19, I worked at a very popular chain restaurant, some of you may remember Chi Chi's. This really cute guy that worked there had the hots for me. I was completely oblivious because, well honestly, I usually am completely oblivious to that sort of thing. Back then I was all about work, school and heavy partying.

Anyway, we had our work Christmas party in mid-January. It was snowy and frigid but great fun anyway. We drank, and drank. I think food was served but I can't exactly recall all those pesky details. So there I was drunk as a skunk and getting drunker when hot waiter dude makes his move. He starts telling me how much he likes me and asks me to go outside with him to see his new car. [This part of the story was cut. The gross out brother factor would have scored a 10 out 10 eeeewws] Then we said goodnight and made plans for the next day.

The end.

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Kewpie Dolls

I was told recently that my face resembles a Kewpie doll. At first I laughed, now I'm thinking that isn't so funny. That isn't a good look at all. I looked them up, they are hideous. I'm 39 years old, I can't be walking around looking like some hideous baby doll from the early 1900's.

I need to do something. Shaving my head is pretty cheap but then I'll just look like Sinead O'Kewpie. It was bad enough being told by Dean that sultry was something I'd never be, that was annoying. Or being told by my doctor and her staff that I was as cute as a little bunny. That was slightly more annoying. A kewpie doll? That's distressing. Fuck. What a sad joke on me. I always thought I was passing fair but this morning I was in shock. I do look like a hideous doll. The last shred of my self esteem just went on strike. Oh well, at least I have a couple kids to keep me busy. I hope they don't hate me later when they realize how much they resemble me.

That's it for today. I'm taking a reflecting day. I have to fight the urge to smoke or do something stupid and hormonal to change my appearance. I'll be back tomorrow.

I've reflected. I don't care if I look like a kewpie. I have huge boobs and I didn't have to buy them. And yes sir ... they're fabulous. Guess that was fate's way of evening the score.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Why John Edwards Won't Win The Presidency?

I want to thank Mark Adams for posting the perfect argument against Edwards on Ara's blog.

Mr. Edwards, the former senator from North Carolina who is waging a populist campaign for the Democratic nomination, said that extending the American training effort in Iraq into the next presidency would require the deployment of tens of thousands of troops to provide logistical support and protect the advisers.

“To me, that is a continuation of the occupation of Iraq,” he said in a 40-minute interview on Sunday aboard his campaign bus as it rumbled through western Iowa.

In one of his most detailed discussions to date about how he would handle Iraq as president, Mr. Edwards staked out a position that would lead to a more rapid and complete troop withdrawal than his principal rivals, Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, who have indicated they are open to keeping American trainers and counterterrorism units in Iraq.

Confirming my suspicion that Edwards really isn't anything more than a pretty face with a law degree. You have to be damn smart to be a lawyer, don't get me wrong. But all smarts are not equal. Book smart and life smart are not the same at all. I've met loads of brilliant people that were dumber than a box of rocks when it came to common sense. Also, most smart people are masters of specific areas. Being a great litigator does not mean you'll automatically be a great President.

Who was the last great litigator to be a great President? Please, hold on to that, kneejerk Bill Clinton response. Two reasons: 1. Clinton wasn't a great litigator and 2. he wasn't a great POTUS. Clinton was good, not great and clearly not a master of all areas. He was too arrogant and that made him sloppy. He could've avoided a lot of problems that he had late his presidency, if, he used a little common sense.

Back to Edwards. Yes, he's smart. Yes, he's an accomplished attorney and former Senator. But anyone that thinks a rapid withdrawl from Iraq is a good idea is lacking the common sense and moral fortitude that a President needs. Pulling out before the job is done is never a good idea. Trust me fellas, that's bad juju.

Edwards has fallen victim to his desperation to win. And that's why he's a goner.

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Did I Mention The Snow?

Here in Novi, Michigan, we got 10.5 inches yesterday. Yep, we are buried under 10.5 inches of the white stuff... Did I ever mention that I know a guy that looks just like Ron Jeremy? Oh, nevermind...

Snow! Back to the snow. Why do I like snow? In fact, I actually love the snow. I'm an outdoorsy kind of person, so, really hot summers and ice cold winter are my favs. Yes, I'm totally serious.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Snow

  • 10. It's pretty
  • 9. Shoveling snow is great exercise.
  • 8. If your freezer is full, you can store food on the porch.
  • 7. It makes Christmas seem more Christmasier.
  • 6. Snuggling.
  • 5. Romping with the kiddies and making snowmen and snow angels.
  • 4. Can you say toboggan? Ice Skating? Skiing?
  • 3. Soup. It doesn't really taste good until it's cold outside.
  • 2. It makes driving in the dark much easier. The Midwest gets damn dark during winter and I have night blindness. So, driving in the dark is especially hard during snowless winters.

    And the number one reason is...

  • 1. You haven't lived a full life, if you've never had hot sex in the cold snow. Better than ice cream on a hot summer day.

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You know How To Make Me Moan?

Publish a poll showing Obama and Huckabee leading in Iowa.

Let me correct that title. It was more of a groan than a moan. 2008 is supposed to be a good year for me, my horoscope said so. This just blows.

[Ed. note] Did I mention that I quit smoking? There will be plenty of sucking and blowing references until my "issues" are under control.

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Scott Ott Still Has It

Huckabee Unveils Dirt He Won't Use Against Rivals

(2008-01-01) — To further demonstrate his commitment to a positive campaign strategy, Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee today showed reporters a Powerpoint presentation of opposition research that his staff has compiled against his top GOP rivals and announced he would not be using any of it in his effort to win his party’s nomination.

The revelations come just a day after Mr. Huckabee held a news conference to unveil to reporters an attack ad against Mitt Romney Mitt-Romney-MBA Sep-07 that his campaign will not broadcast in the waning hours before Thursday’s Iowa caucuses.

You know what? These jokes write themselves.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I Can't Forget This One!

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 21

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 20

Cheech and Chong

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 19

Robin Williams at his best.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 18

My friends, Lewis Black.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 17

George Lopez - I've been using his Brittney Spears line at our Holiday sit-down dinners. Yeah, my sibs and I enjoy grossing each other out while eating.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 16

Cedric the Entertainer

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 15

Just two words: Richard Pryor

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 14

Eddie Murphy - So much to choose from but this one really kills me.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 13

Lucky 13...Who could it be?

The late Sam Kinison - what else can I say?

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 12

Louis CK

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 11

You knew it was coming.

Jeff Foxworthy

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 10

Ron White - His delivery is unbeatable.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 9

Bill Engvall - I love Slim Jims too.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 8

Rodney Carrington - A pervert with a Southern accent. Those are two of my favorite things.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 7

My favorite Monty Pythoner, John Cleese

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 6

Michael Palin and Graham Chapman - Did you know that I can recite this entire movie? Oh yeah, baby, I'm loads of fun at parties. Unless you hate Monty Python, then I'm incredibly annoying because I'll do it non-stop just to piss you off.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 5

Eddie Izzard - There is just nothing sexier than a man, with an accent, who can make me laugh.

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 4

Dave Chappelle

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 3

Chris Rock

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 2

Bob Saget

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My Favorite Comedians - Take 1

The late Richard Jeni

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