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Friday, February 29, 2008

Terrorists on the Run

Terror Watch List

Posted by Rosemary on 02.29.2008. 1 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Do It For The Children™

I love that announcer guy. Every movie preview that starts of with the ever ominous "In a world" - it's always that guy!!

You know who I want answering that 3am phone call? The undead Richard Nixon. That would scare the crap out of everyone.

Imagine the headlines. "Zombie President Richard Nixon ate Russian President Putin today because he was annoyed...and hungry."

"Hugo Chavez called Zombie Nixon a terrorist".

"During the Summit of the Americas: Nixon ate Hugo Chavez and then complained that spicy food makes him gassy."

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Why Do I Even Bother?

I just popped over to see what was happening in SPoDE's World. Ugh. Aziz is trying hard to stir up a controversy of inconsistency, by quoting Bush and McCain on Afghanistan's current state.

The problem? The Bush quote came from 2004 and the McCain quote came from 2007.

Seriously, what kind of crap is that? It's not even a flip-flop post. It's two different guys talking about current events three years apart. Do you know how much fun I could have if I started quoting random liberals then and now?

Is there really nothing else going on in the world? Like now?

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This Crap Questions My Evilness...

You Are Not Scary
Everyone loves you. Isn't that sweet?

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Timing is everything: My brush with death

By Jerry

Sorry for no updates on the American Idol women on Wednesday. I was busy trying to stay alive. Its a forgone conclusion that David Archuleta is going to win.

Below the (show) button is my story. Be forewarned that it WILL have some religious tones. If that makes you squeamish, stop reading now..


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Thursday, February 28, 2008

NewsFlash!!! Obama Smears Clinton!

I'm disgusted by this. This is just taking dirty politics to a whole new level.

Please, let the healing begin...

Posted by Rosemary on 02.28.2008. 12 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Note on comment accounts

By Jerry

A few weeks back I enabled the comment account approval functionality. So if you sign up for an account and are not approved within 24-48 hours, send Rose, who is now has a Technorati Profile or myself an e-mail:


Posted by Jerry on 02.28.2008. 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Obama Gets Schooled By McCain

Looks like Barack Obama needs to have his people do some research before he lets the rhetoric fly. He's starting to sound like the looney lefty he is, rather than a man ready to be President.

In the unimpressive debate the other night, Obama said:

Mr. Obama had said in response to a hypothetical question that although he intended to withdraw American forces as rapidly as possible, he reserved the right to send troops back in “if Al Qaeda is forming a base in Iraq.”

McCain fired back to that very stupid and ill-informed comment with this:

“I have some news,” he said at a town-hall-style meeting in Tyler, Tex. “Al Qaeda is in Iraq. It’s called ‘Al Qaeda in Iraq.’ My friends, if we left, they wouldn’t be establishing a base. They’d be taking a country, and I’m not going to allow that to happen.”

Obama responds with the same regurgitated bullshit I've heard from every liberal:

“I have some news for John McCain,” Mr. Obama said at a large rally at Ohio State University. “There was no such thing as Al Qaeda in Iraq until George Bush and John McCain decided to invade Iraq.”

WRONG!!!!! Even Richard Clarke knows that was wrong. Richard Clarke worried that Osama would "boogie to Baghdad" if we invaded Afghanistan. "Clarke's opinion was based on intelligence indicating a number of contacts between al Qaeda and Iraq, including word that Saddam had offered bin Laden safe haven." Yeah, and Clarke got the intel from CNN.

Time to go back to school Barack or at least hire some better researchers for your speech writers...

Posted by Rosemary on 02.28.2008. 21 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Russert Chokes, Obama Skates

According to Mickey Kaus: "Russert chokes in clutch. In Tuesday's debate, Tim Russert definitely let Obama off the hook on the issue of Obama's chosen pastor, Rev. Wright."

Here is what Russert asked Obama:

RUSSERT: The title of one of your books, "Audacity of Hope," you acknowledge you got from a sermon from Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the head of the Trinity United Church. He said that Louis Farrakhan "epitomizes greatness." He said that he went to Libya in 1984 with Louis Farrakhan to visit with Moammar Gadhafi and that, when your political opponents found out about that, quote, "your Jewish support would dry up quicker than a snowball in Hell." What do you do to assure Jewish-Americans that, whether it's Farrakhan's support or the activities of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, your pastor, you are consistent with issues regarding Israel and not in any way suggesting that Farrakhan epitomizes greatness?

Kaus points out that if Russert had stopped where the bold stopped and simply asked Obama "do you feel comfortable associating yourself with these sentiments". He would have had Obama in a choke hold but he didn't do that. He went on and softened the question by adding in Israel and making it about his Jewish support. He basically gave Obama an out. When did Russert turn into such a puss?

HT: Instapundit

Posted by Rosemary on 02.27.2008. 59 Comments 0 Trackbacks
William F. Buckley Jr. - R.I.P.

Author and conservative commentator William F. Buckley Jr. died today, at age 82.

Posted by Rosemary on 02.27.2008. 4 Comments 0 Trackbacks
I Would Have Killed That Snake

A 16ft Python stalked a family, then ate their dog.


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Didn't See It

I didn't see anything last night because we lost power, in half the condo. The half with the television. So, I missed American Idol but I was able to watch it via YouTube and I missed the debate.

How was the debate? Hillary needed it and I haven't heard anything positive about her performance. Did she manage to impress anyone?

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

American Idol: Top 10 Boys

By Jerry

It's 70's night, American Idol style!

The boys were HOT tonight and definitely the best was saved for last.. Hopefully the Queen will update this post with a You Tube of it..

Lets begin:

Posted by Jerry on 02.26.2008. 5 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Because Tim Can't...

Someone has to say it... Only Commies Hate Puppies!

Posted by Rosemary on 02.26.2008. 13 Comments 0 Trackbacks
McCain Unplugged

McCain thinks that in order to win the White House he must convince the country that U.S. policy in Iraq is succeeding. If he can’t, McCain said: “then I lose. I lose”.He quickly backed off that remark.

“Let me not put it that stark,” the likely GOP nominee told reporters on his campaign bus. “Let me just put it this way: Americans will judge my candidacy first and foremost on how they believe I can lead the county both from our economy and for national security. Obviously, Iraq will play a role in their judgment of my ability to handle national security.”

“If I may, I’d like to retract ‘I’ll lose.’ But I don’t think there’s any doubt that how they judge Iraq will have a direct relation to their judgment of me, my support of the surge,” McCain added. “Clearly, I am tied to it to a large degree.”

Clearly, he is tied to the war. Of all the candidates with a real shot at becoming president, McCain is the only one still beating the pro-war drum.

It's an uphill battle for the old man. Too many people have lost faith in our ability to clean up the mess in Iraq. Too many people are angry, feel misled and want to pull out. McCain is gonna have to really sell it. I think it would be easier to sell Rosie O'Donnell a lifetime supply of condoms than it will be to convince a majority of the country that we will ever really win Iraq.

Update: I moved this up since it seems to be getting a lot of action. Keep on, keepin' on boys!

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Inspired By Double Plus

Yes. I did think this movie was funny. Really funny. Yes, I am a bit ashamed.

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For the Record...

Recently someone commented that they did not know I was fluent in French. I'm shocked. As I've been told that I'm an egomaniac, I could've sworn I would have mentioned my ability to speak different languages; sometime in the last 6 years since I began blogging. So, yes, I speak fluently a few and not so fluently a few more...

Je parle, écris et comprends Français comme un indigène. Ce n'est pas une exagération.

Ich spreche auch Deutsches aber nicht sowie Franzosen.

Je suis également à l'aise dans le Poli. Mon Poli est évidemment le meilleur puisque je suis Polonais. Je suis semi-finale-fluent dans le Russe. Mon écriture et compréhension sont bonnes mon discours est mauvaise.

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Don't Count Her Out Yet

Hillary is still holding Ohio.

National polls don't mean much right now. It's the local state polls that we should be watching and in those polls, Hillary is close in Texas and ahead in Ohio. Plus, she's picking up major endorsements in Ohio despite the Obamarama.

Remember, it ain't over till it's over...

Posted by Rosemary on 02.26.2008. 6 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Monday, February 25, 2008

Guess What?

Tim is away, for a few weeks, keeping us safe from bad people. That means he probably can't read or comment on the blog. So, in honor of Tim's inability to poo poo any theme songs, I have a theme song!!!

Actually, Jacob, my brilliant and sometimes snarky 10 year old, said: "Mom this should be your personal theme song because honestly, right now, it fits perfectly." I don't know if that's true but the song is pretty good and I like it!

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Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Thanks McK!

Posted by Rosemary on 02.25.2008. 2 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Desperate Times...

Oh, don't worry Naftali and those who think like him, this isn't about my love life. This is about Hillary Clinton and her tanking campaign. It appears that camp Clinton released a picture of Obama wearing traditional garb during a 2006 visit to Kenya. Which, of course, caused right wing blogs to mock his "muslim outfit". It's not a muslim outfit, it is traditional Somali clothing.

But team Obama got huffy and issued this statement:

"On the very day that Sen. Clinton is giving a speech about restoring respect for America in the world, her campaign has engaged in the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we've seen from either party in this election. This is part of a disturbing pattern that led her county chairs to resign in Iowa, her campaign chairman to resign in New Hampshire, and it's exactly the kind of divisive politics that turns away Americans of all parties and diminishes respect for America in the world."

Team Clinton responded to team Obama with: "Grow a pair, you big baby!" Okay, I'm paraphrasing again but quoting whining liberal gets tiresome. Here it is:


"If Barack Obama's campaign wants to suggest that a photo of him wearing traditional Somali clothing is divisive, they should be ashamed. Hillary Clinton has worn the traditional clothing of countries she has visited and had those photos published widely.

"This is nothing more than an obvious and transparent attempt to distract from the serious issues confronting our country today and to attempt to create the very divisions they claim to decry."

You know I don't want a President Crybaby. You guys sure Obama is old enough to do the job?

Posted by Rosemary on 02.25.2008. 20 Comments 0 Trackbacks
My Cubicle

By Jerry

Every time I hear the James Blunt song "Your Beautiful", I have different words for it. Not because I think its stupid or anything, I actually heard a parody of it first. You could say this parody song is a little too close to accurate when it comes to my job..

Happy Monday, enjoy the song..

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Great News!

Ralph Nader is running for President. He always makes such an impact. If Obama wins the nomination and that is increasingly more likely, Nader's presence will definitely help John McCain!

I love politics! Woo hoo! Go Nader!

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Oscar Blogging

Yeah right. Like I care. I enjoy the show and I like to see people/movies that I like win but I'm not gonna blog it. [I love Daniel's the accent and the talent]

I'd much rather mock the DNC or SPoDE.

Jon Stewart was pretty damn funny though...

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Relaxing at Home Today

With some movies. First up:


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Klitschko dominates Ibragimov

Hell yeah, he did. My dream man from Kiev beat the Russian and now has a unified title. My night couldn't have been better. Except I have to remember not to drink tequila and vodka. Tequila is bad, stick to vodka...

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Out For The Night

I'm out for a very overdue evening out with a friend. I'll be enjoying the awesomeness that is Wladimir Klitschko, some Grey Goose and who knows what else...

Enjoy your Saturday Night, I know I will. ;-)

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One of the Funniest Moments of my Life

Back during the better moments of my marriage, the early days, we used to host movie nights for friends. Thanks to my mom, I'm a great cook and a fantastic hostess. Every other Saturday night, we'd invite 20 or so friends over for big screen viewing of new movies or great comedy. Eddie Izzard's Dress to Kill was one of those things. So, only 2 of us were fluent in French and only 2 of us were laughing our asses off at this bit. SPoDE wasn't one of them, I was. LOL.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Who Knew?

This is a really good song. I imagine everyone has, at one time or another, felt this way. I don't now but I did when I broke up with my dearly departed ex-boyfriend Steve.

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Busy Today

I have a lot to do today. So, if you have any good links or want to rant about it here.

Later peeps!

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And then there were 20! American Idol results

by Jerry

Not much of a shock in the first live cut of the season.

Posted by Jerry on 02.22.2008. 4 Comments 0 Trackbacks
Why Forgiveness Is Necessary...

As poet Edwin Markham approached his retirement years, he learned that the man to whom he had entrusted his financial portfolio had squandered all the money. Markham's dreams of comfort were shattered, he did what we all do. Brood and grow more angry everyday. His bitterness grew by leaps and bounds. One day while sitting at his table, Markham found himself drawing circles as he tried to soothe the turmoil he felt. He decided that he had to forgive. Not forgiving gives the transgressor power over you. Markman wrote these words while staring at the circles he drew:

He drew a circle to shut me out, Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout; But love and I had the wit to win, We drew a circle to take him in.

Charles Filmore wrote: "There is a mental treatment guaranteed to cure every ill that flesh is heir to: Sit for half an hour every night and forgive everyone against whom you have any ill will or antipathy."

Forgiveness is many things but there are 4 things that it is not:

  • Forgetting. If the hurt wounded you enough to require forgiveness, you may always have a memory of it.

  • Excusing or condoning. The wrong should not be denied, minimized, or justified.

  • Reconciling. You can forgive the offender and still choose not to reestablish the relationship.

  • Weakness. You do not become a doormat or oblivious to cruelty.

The act of forgiving is not for the offender, but for the victim. It doesn't matter if they ask you to forgive, if you believe their apology or whatever they offer. It doesn't matter if they don't believe they wronged you.

Bitterness and anger imprison you emotionally. Forgiveness sets you free.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What Scandal??

The NYT's broke a sex scandal starring The Maverick and a female lobbyist over 18.

Scandal? A Republican Senator had sex with a legal adult of the opposite sex...

Thank the good Lord! So, he screwed a live woman that wasn't his wife. I don't know about you, but I find it a refreshing change for a Republican.

What's the saying? As long as it isn't a live boy or a dead girl, it's all good...

Via: memeorandum

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What Is That Awful Smell?

It's SPoDE trying to convince you that he isn't an idiot. It's not working for me...

Are you buying it? If so, I have elf urine for sale. It's magical. It will grant you your fondest wish...

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Is He Serious?

Salon's David Corn, wrote a whole article on why John McCain is a bad, bad man. Do you know why John McCain is a bad man? He once told a joke that was too bad to print. And what could that be? Lucky for you, I'm so disturbed ... I will print it.


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While Scanning My Archives...

I found two very important things. First, for all you "Rosemary is never gonna vote for Hillary" squawkers ... Read this and for Pete's sake scroll down to my comment, 3rd from the bottom. For the lazy among you:


The second thing I found, Tim asked me to print. He said something 4 years ago and since it is in virtual print - Tim wants the world to know and bow down to his brilliance. Bow down, bitches!


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New Link

I've added to the blogroll, To the Center.


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Why Eddie Izzard Should Father My Baby...

"What shall we call our son so he does not get the shit kicked out of him at school? We shall call him Englebert Humperdink! Yes, that'll work."

Oh and yes, I'm nearing 40. So what? My eggs are still there and my parts are in great working order. I could easily add a few more blue-eyed blond children to the population before my uterus falls out. And I need a funny, blond man to plant the seed in my...well, you get the idea.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

American Idol: Top 12 Ladies

By Jerry

The ladies came to play. Overall I think the ladies did better than the men. Simon had a bug up his butt tonight. He was in rare form. I about died when I heard Randy say "just keepin it real".

Anyhoo, on to my review. 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. I also will add/update the song names once I confirmed them all.


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University Daze...

If you've never seen an elephant ski, then you've never been on acid.

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Giving Love Freely

"When you love somebody, you give up something that's very important to you, to give them something that's very important to them."

As a parent, I live these words everyday. Without hesitation, I give my sons whatever they need. I would walk through fire for them. If giving up my life were required, I'd do that too. Any real parent would. It's easy to read those words and say, yes, I can do X, because that's just what you do when you love someone.

I'm much more adept as loving my children than I have been loving anyone else. The love that I feel for my children is primal. I'm a momma bear when it comes to them and their needs.

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Democratic Nomination fun..

By Jerry

Obama wins again!

It's his tenth straight victory. That's quite an accomplishment. But I seem to recall another entity with a streak of 18 straight only to be knocked off my a New York based group.

Could there be a repeat performance forthcoming? Only time will tell.

My question is:


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Big Girls Don't Cry

Posted by Rosemary on 02.20.2008. 2 Comments 0 Trackbacks
I'm Not Off

Change of plans. I have some very personal drama unfolding on my porch!

You know what? I gave up watching General Hospital because my life was more nutty.

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Just Aiight. My AI Top 12 men review

By Jerry

The most fun I have with American Idol is listening to the judges. Randy by far is my favorite. Don't get me wrong, I like when Simon goes nuts, but he does it in his own British style. I like Randy because he's "keepin it real" as Chris Rock said in a comedy bit one time.

Randy says stuff, like Dude, Dog & Yo. My favorite Randy-ism is his version of the word 'Alright'. It sounds like he is saying A + ight. As in "Dude, I dunno that was just A-ight for me man'. So I added an extra "i" in there for effect.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A.I. Top 12 Boys

I'm using the 5 star system. 5 Stars is best.

I will use the hide function until all the Time Zones have seen it.

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Good Idea/Bad Idea

My cousin just asked me a question on my Facebook wall. The idea is intriguing. Is it bad form to have a divorce party? Because I think it sounds like an awesome opportunity to have a get together.

Good idea or Bad idea?

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Question for Men Only

Why would some men think a sweaty flushed woman, wearing yoga gear, no make up and a ponytail is attractive?

Everytime I exit my karate class, and I do mean every time, some guy picks that moment to flirt. I can't look worse and I'm pretty sure that my Secret Platinum™ is on it's very last legs, so my smell factor isn't the best.

What is the deal? Are all men on a mission to drive us women crazy?

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Don't Look Now...

When was it that Howard Dean went down in flames during the 2004 election?

I think it's bad when Kevin Drum starts quoting Paul Krugman calling Obamamania all hype and glory.

I'm curious. When did Krugman start liking Obama? Isn't listening to him talk about concerns for Obama's campaign kinda like a mouse taking advice from a cat?

Whatever. Go Hillary!

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The Lucky Few

Scientists discovered that some people, who claim to still be deeply attracted and in love with their mates after many years together, are telling the truth.

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My Dream Man Cometh

Wladimir Klitschko fights Sultan Ibragimov on Sunday Feb 24, 2008.

Yeah, I like Klitschko. He's yummy, who wouldn't? Tall, dark and Ukranian...

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Times Are Changing...

You go to sleep thinking everything is fine, you were on a good and solid path. Then you wake up and realize it was all an illusion. Karma beats your illusions with a baseball bat, until all you have left are shards of broken promises and broken dreams. That has been my life for a long, long time.


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"The Coming Obama 'Theocracy'"

That isn't my title, I stole it from Captain Ed. It was too good to pass up. The Captain and many of his SPoDE-like readers are concerned about a speech Michelle Obama gave at UCLA. Here is the part that has a mass of all panties knotted up:


See that bold part up there? That is the problem. That makes Obama a theocrat. Talk about taking shit out of context... I didn't get the "Obama is Jesus" impression at all. You can't say "soul" without becoming a theocrat now. When I was 10, I used to watch Soul Train. There was nothing Christ-like about Soul Train. I eat at a restaurant that sells soul food. My greens and cornbread did not heal me. They were yummy as all get out but I wasn't saved. I know because the minute I left, I had a very dirty thought about spreading those yummy collard greens all over someone and...nevermind.

Michelle Obama's speech reminded me of something but it wasn't God and church. It was that this is what a Liberal is supposed to be, many have forgotten. Some Democrats have turned their back on this basic tenet of liberalism. Kind of like the Republicans have done with John McCain. He really is a conservative, he's not a RINO. Republicans have moved away from true conservatism in order to maintain power.

Michelle Obama's speech was LIBERAL not religious. Anyone that sees anything else should immediately have all sharp objects removed from their home.

Cow Tip: SPoDE

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Channeling my inner Buddhist

Anyone who knows me for a while knows that I believe that God does not exist. However, what most do not know is that I am not necessarily anti-theistic. Of course there are aspects of many religions, denominations, sects, cults, etc that are harmful to human growth and development both at an individual and societal level.


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3 Doors Down

Just in case anyone is wondering: I like this song. There is no hidden meaning to this song being posted. None, nada, zip. I'm not sad or lonely. This isn't about SPoDE or ANYONE else. I just really like the song and the words are like poetry to my ears. Okay? Good. Carry on.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Girls Night Out

Can an almost 40 year old woman with 2 kids still call it "girls night out"?

Oh well, who gives a crap. I'm going out to my old stomping grounds. Time to let the little girls know that the big guns are back in action. ;-)

What are you doing tonight?

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It's Still Gold?

I took this test 4 years ago and it came out complete sap gold. I was just wondering if I changed much since then.

Other than being much smarter and more skeptical where love is concerned. It appears that, just like 4 years ago, I still long for someone who is like me...

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I Can't Believe I Watched This Twice

Lionel Ritchie on Helium

Via: Balloon Juice

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Joe Lieberman on Waterboarding

I'm cool with it.

That's not an exact quote, I paraphrased him based on his actions. And this is what he did:

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman reluctantly acknowledged Thursday that he does not believe waterboarding is torture, but believes the interrogation technique should be available only under the most extreme circumstances.

Lieberman was one of 45 senators who voted Wednesday in opposition to a bill that would limit the CIA to the 19 interrogation techniques outlined in the Army field manual. That manual prohibits waterboarding, a method where detainees typically are strapped to a bench and have water poured into their mouth and nose making them feel as if they will drown.

Please note the link. It's not Fox News...

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The Only Thing Missing Is A Cackle...

Trudy Schuett never ceases to amaze me. This piece is as well researched as it is accurate. Just some highlights:

I can’t imagine why any intelligent person would want to elect someone who has only “been around” running government to be our President. As Senator, it looks like she only used the office as a placeholder until something better came along. [...] Does anybody else remember how she tried to steal 9/11 relief funds to force women into jobs they didn’t want in the first place? [...] Or the silly books she’s written? (As a writer, I have to wonder whether she wrote them herself or hired a ghost.) [...] Hillary’s just a groupie wanting to play lead guitar. American voters seem to know that.

Here are some facts about Hillary that you may want to read up on sometime. Senator Placeholder? Try looking at some of her committees, votes and shit.

Stealing 9/11 money sounds awful! I heard that she killed Vince Foster too. YAWN. Accusations without proof are... well, nothing. Hillary may have hired a ghost writer? Shock! I wish Trudy hired a fact checker.

Just a groupie wanting to play lead guitar. That's a good line. It doesn't apply to Hillary anymore than "well thought out argument" applies to Trudy piece but it was a good line.

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Laughter Is Key

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to laugh. A person that can make me laugh is most likely the sexist person in the room, to me. Except John P, I still haven't fully recovered from having your tongue, in my mouth. Comes at me like a Vietnam flashback.

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Hillary Is A Genius

If this is within the rules, then I say go for it Hillary:

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Films versus Movies

There are movies, and there are films. I guess to most, it's objective. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", "what is art?" "where's the line between entertainment and pure art?" "should I masturbate at the airport?" No wait, forget that last question. (Obviously one should - just keep a narrow stance.)


Posted by Tim the Soldier on 02.15.2008. 9 Comments 0 Trackbacks

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Smartest Thing I've Heard on T.V.

From...Real Time with Bill Maher. Thank you, YouTube Gods...

Bob Costas: "I think most Americans expect and accept, therefore, a certain level of dishonesty or corruption. If it were counter-balanced by a healthy amount of competence, they'd be happy."

And, btw, P.J. O'Rourke is witty. What's wrong with you people? Is wit so underrated that it's missed by you far left nutty liberals Shep Tim?

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Get That Man A Dictionary!

Kevin D., refuses to comment here because, clearly, he's afraid to speak, where people that disagree with him, can say so.

From the comfort and safety of echo chamber central, here is his reply and mine:


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Valentine's Day Gift for My Peeps

I have gone to my new favorite sappy place, thanks to Adam, the Lifetime Movie generator. I have a title for some of the regulars. If I missed you, post your title in the comments.

  • The Menace That Love Made: The Life of Rhianna
  • Love Me, Love My Lesion: The Story of Mark Adams
  • The Secret Perversion of Tim Snyder
  • A Prostitute's Savage Purging: The True Story of Alex
  • I Woke Up Ashamed: The Untold Story of Adam
  • The Dark Craving of Double Plus Ungood
  • The Ara Rubyan Story: I Woke Up Captured
  • Love Me, Love My Numbness: The Shep Story
  • My Deflowerer, I Thee Wed: Wince And Nod's Real Story
  • The Brutal Lover of Jerry Kondraciuk
  • Alice's Story: My Husband or My Habit
  • Vern : The Savage Blogland Murder
  • Malignant for Life: The Story of IB Bill

  • and finally: The SPoDE Story: Menace in the Night
  • Till Murder Do Us Part: The True Story of Rosemary

Happy Valentine's Day, to those of you that care...and to those of you that don't, Screw Valentine's day!

Crap! I almost forgot: The Secret Disappearance of McKiernan

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This Is For You

For my father. A daughter couldn't have asked for better. And to the rest of the fathers, who read this blog, that are great dads to your little girls...

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Open Letter to Kevin D.

By Jerry

*update: 2/14/08 09:13am

Kevin D refuses to MAN UP.. [thread closed]

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Clinton's Last Stand

Hillary is looking for Ohio and Texas to save her. C'mon Mark, help the lady out. After yesterday, Hillary is now the underdog. That title didn't help Rudy, so Hillary better move her rear into gear...she is now trailing Obama.

The Associated Press count of delegates showed Obama with 1,223. Clinton had 1,198, falling behind for the first time since the campaign began. Neither was close to the 2,025 needed to win the nomination.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In Remembrance: February 12, 2002

Six years ago, on this day, I got a phone call I never expected. A stunning blow that happened only three months after I buried my father. One of my dearest friends, Det. Police Officer Mike Scanlon, was killed in the line of duty during a routine traffic stop.

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The Hobbit - Not

Tolkien estate sues New Line Cinema.

The estate of "Lord of the Rings" creator J.R.R. Tolkien is suing the film studio that released the trilogy based on his books, claiming the company hasn't paid it a penny from the estimated $6 billion the films have grossed worldwide. ADVERTISEMENT

The suit, filed Monday, claims New Line was required to pay 7.5 percent of gross receipts to Tolkien's estate and other plaintiffs, who contend they only received an upfront payment of $62,500 for the three movies before production began.

Well, it looks like the writers aren't the only ones getting screwed by the Hollywood money men. The Hobbit is off till the lawsuit is over...

That's okay. Randall sums up the Hobbits pretty good. Not work safe...

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Direct vs Indirect Quotation

By Jerry

It seems someone in the blogosphere needs a lesson on quotations. When I read an article, or an opinion piece and I read something like this:

These are the people who tell us that "Bush lied about WMDs in order to fund his excellent adventure in Iraq."

Call me crazy, but I expect to be able to GOOGLE that quote and find out what asshat/moonbat said it. Well, there can be only one. Google it and you'll find out who said it.


No one said it. How can you quote something NOBODY said??

Yet, the author of the lone blog post you find in Google intimates that it was said by 'These people'.

Notice the SINGLE quotes. That's because I paraphrased what someone said. That's what you use when you are summarizing what people say.

For more information on Quotation, please see

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Bad Bill Maher...


My TV Question of the Day [Kathryn Jean Lopez]

Why does anyone watch Bill Maher's show? Why would anyone go on it anymore? To wish someone dead because you disagree with him (or wish you were as effective and entertaining as him) seems an excellent reason to find something else to watch on Friday nights — and to find another way to get a first-class flight to Los Angeles.

Well, I don't watch him anymore. But that's only because I don't have HBO and no other reason. I loved Real Time with Bill Maher and I miss it. I found it funny, interesting and sometimes annoying. That's what I like, I like to be challenged. It's no challenge if everyone agrees with me. That's why I have an open forum. So, Maher waxed poetic about Oxycontin taking out Heath Ledger instead of Rush.

Big deal.

How long will it take anyone to google up death wishes for Sean Penn, the Dixie Chicks, the Clintons, and etc. All I have to do is look up Ann Coulter articles and I can see death wishes for entire geographic locations. I wonder who I can google to find nasty wishes for Michael Moore, hmmmmm. That shouldn't strain me a bit.

Here's a shocker. If I had a choice, I'd prefer Heath Ledger living over Rushbo. But I don't and neither does Bill Maher.

3,2,1...and here comes the hate mail! That's buttgrape[at]yahoo[dot]com

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Your Body Is A Wonderland

Somebody kept telling me to check out John Mayer. Well, last night I was pretty bummed out so I decided to look him up. Turns out that he sings a song I absolutely love. I had no idea it was John Mayer. So, I listened to more and you know what? I'm gonna have to go out and buy some John Mayer CDs. He is exactly the type of singer I could listen to for hours and last night, I did.

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My Favorite Sports Post...

Hillary is still ahead in delegates but just barely.

In the latest overall totals in The Associated Press count, Clinton had 1,136 delegates to 1,108 for Obama. The totals include so-called superdelegates, which are party leaders not chosen at primaries or caucuses, free to change their minds. A total of 2,025 delegates is required to win the nomination.

This thing is a nail biter and I'm loving it! It's certainly more exciting than watching the Detroit Red Wings lose a third straight game, at home, to the Mighty Ducks... Now don't get me wrong, the Red Wings are far and away the best team in the league right now. No team, in either Conference has a better win-loss record than Detroit's 41-12. But still, losing to the Mighty Ducks. That's just sad.

At least the Pistons are doing fine, winning their 8th straight game. Making their win/loss record 37-13. Very pleasing. How are the Cav's doing, Mark? Second place, eh? With a win/loss of 28-22. Ouch, that must sting a bit.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Domestic Abuse

I've been hearing about domestic violence against men for YEARS. It's a subject that a few people I know seem riveted by. Well, I think that we need not forget that it is women more often than men who are the abused. Some women don't even realize that they are in abusive relationships because the abuse isn't always physical.

Here is a behavior check list for abusive partners. It is very illuminating reading. I'm going to highlight a little. If you suspect that someone you know is in an abusive relationship, read the link and get them help.

Signs that you may have an abusive partner:

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Plain White T's

I love this song. It's so sweet and it's up for a Grammy tonight.

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But I Do Believe in This!


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Obama Sweeps

Obama won all 3 states were up for grabs, Nebraska, Louisiana and Washington. He also managed to get the Virgin Islands caucuses victory.


Go Hillary!

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Some Odd Ramblings

As you can see, I've done very little blogging today. It was shopping day. Don't worry, I won't regale you with tales of my heroic efforts to find a sports bra. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate shopping at the mall? I'd rather plunge forks into my own eyes and then run into a wall repeatedly...

The only stores that I don't hate are Costco, Target and Busch's or Kroger. My favorite place to go when I'm having a bad day is Target. Target has a Starbucks inside and that right there is proof that God exists. The only thing better would be if Starbucks had Pumpkin Spice Latte avail year round. The Chai is damn good but it's just not Pumpkin Spice.

I also watched a few good movies today and ate some super spicy Gang Gai. Things couldn't get better but then Michael called after we Facebooked for a bit. We chatted for a while and it was great. Except when he bragged about his warm Atlanta evening. Hey, it's like 19 here and dropping rapidly. My goosebumps have goosebumps. Of course, he made up for that when he called me hot. I dig that, what woman wouldn't? All right, I've rambled enough and see I only said bra once...well actually twice now. Whatever.[Yes, I did have a martini in case you're curious. Just the one because two is too much. Bombay Sapphire is a superb gin, btw.]

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Chris Rock

It's an old bit but still funny. It's Chris Rock so it's not work safe.

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I just found out that we are getting an Artic blast tonight. You know it's bad when gives you tips on staying warm along with your forecast. Tomorrow's high is going to be 7°. Winter is so overrated...

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It's Miller Time

Except I think Miller sucks, so I'm having a Smithwick's Irish Ale before heading to dreamland. Yummy.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Democrats Worried About Nomination...

Sen. Bill Nelson, warned that there is a train wreck coming if Clinton and Obama remain deadlocked for too long.

Democratic leaders are sounding the alarms about a worst-case scenario in which their party has no apparent nominee until the national convention in late August, leaving them with just over two months to mount a general election campaign.

“Here is the coming train wreck,” Nelson said. “If one of our two leading candidates does not get a majority by the time that all the primaries and caucuses are over … then we go into a period during June, July and all the way to the end of August at the National Democratic Convention, a period of enormous uncertainty and turmoil.”

I can see why Nelson is worried. Two months isn't long to mount a campaign for President. OTOH, McCain can't very well mount a successful campaign against an unknown opponent either. It's not like Obama and Clinton are interchangeable. They both have different strengths and weaknesses. I just don't think it's as dangerous as Nelson thinks it is. Plus, people will be more focused on the Democrats because they don't have a nominee. It's more exciting this way and excitement keeps people interested. Remember how awesome the West Wing was when they couldn't settle on a nominee till the convention. A brokered convention is like the World Series of politics. People will be more fired up about the election than they normally are. That's what I think, anyway.

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We Are All Reponsible...

For our own sexual satisfaction. Now the real deal here is that it is tougher for women. Some women don't even know they've had an orgasm. There are a host of reasons why this happens and if you read the damn article I linked, you'll likely learn something.

The biggest thing is that women need to take control of their bodies. If you don't know what it takes to rev your engine, how on earth do you expect someone else to?

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Some people should just shut the eff up....

Over at SPoDE, there are some political amateurs predicting that Obama will win the nomination over Clinton. Are they friggin nuts!?!! Obama is tough, but we are talking about the Clintons!!

But it gets better....

Some actually think that McCain can defeat Hillary. WTF?!? If it's Hillary versus McCain, she could pick a porn-star addicted to crack as a running mate and still win. The Republicans couldn't defeat a hemorrhoid this fall with a gallon of preparation H!

Oh I can't wait.

The SPoDE should stick to what it knows best - defending video games for adult losers, bashing assertive women, Battle Star Galactica (see also, losers), lame-ass novels that NO ONE will ever read, and misinterpreting the Bible.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one."

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"Baby, You Can't Taste Racism"

100% NOT WORK SAFE unless you work for David Duke...

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Place Your Bets...

The Republican nomination is pretty much McCain's. So, who will be McCain's Veep candidate?

I'm thinking Fred Thompson because he needs a southerner that isn't a complete loon. cough Huckabee cough

What say you?

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GodSpeed Atlantis

Drake, Grandma and I just watched Atlantis lift off from Cape Canaveral.

The astronauts are on a mission to add another science lab to the international space station.

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Mitt Romney suspends campaign

By Jerry

Looks like Romney is done.

Now who do I vote for??

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I'll Answer Dr. Helen

Dr. Helen wants to know: Why do today’s men run from commitment - indefinitely delaying settling down in a marriage they take seriously, and having kids?

Dr. Helen Smith asks whether they are indeed pampered eternal adolescents more interested in exploding toilets and video games than real life, or if they are simply making a logical choice when “the reward for being an adult in our society is so low, especially for men.”

There are many reasons why men don't want commitment. There are many reasons why women don't either, but nobody really cares about women with commitment issues...

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Not The Biggest Winner...

Well, it looks like Hillary may have won the biggest states but Barack won the most delegates.

It's only a slight edge, that Obama has, but Clinton is behind despite the news reports making her sound like the big winner on Tuesday.

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You know what I find really sad? People that used to be interesting grasping at straws to be interesting. I mean, I never claimed to be Tolstoy or anything but I rarely wake up and think, fuck it, I have nothing to say...

I always have something to say, I don't always write it because often it's just too profane to print. Here is some advice for people that can't think of anything to write about. If the thought process just hurts too much. Step away from your overpriced, brand new laptop and go out into the real world... and get a FUCKING JOB! Kids need to eat more than Ramen...

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So, I joined Facebook because I heard it was a friend thing as opposed to a meatmarket like MySpace. Any of you on Facebook? C'mon, who wants to be the Queen's friend?

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Are We Nearing Armageddon?

Or is Hillary Clinton the Greatest Uniter Ever!

First, I the Queen of All Evil have gone public with my support, then Ann Coulter, who, despite being crazy made some good points about Hillary:

And now Pat Buchanan.

I say Hillary Clinton is our next President of the United States. Anyone that can get my support, and the Coultergeist and crazy Pat Buchanan...that is one worthy woman.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Results

by Jerry

The results are slowly trickling in. Still a bit early to tell what it all means. The Queen will have further analysis as soon as her internet connection gets fixed. So for now I leave you with a Super Tuesday open thread.

*Update 07:08am Feb 6






Hat Tip: Drudge for the state winner info

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4 Reasons To Vote For Obama

To prove to all of you that I am both open minded and smarter than the average SPoDE writer, I will give you four reasons why Obama could be a good President...

Number one: I've made hay over his inexperience but no job truly makes a person "ready" to be POTUS from day 1. What Obama has shown is good judgement and leadership and that more than "prep time" will allow him to excel at Foreign policy and National security.

Number two: Obama does not cause any visceral reactions in people, despite a massive effort to connect him to whatever makes the panic switch on in ignorant people. He doesn't inspire people to automatic hate like others might. His youth will make him more attractive than his poorly aging most likely opponent.

Number three: Obama is more likely to make progress on the domestic front than even Bill Clinton was. He won't need to triangulate because, inlike what people are saying, it's not JFK that he reminds me of but Ronald Reagan. Not policy or ideals but the way he comes across. He has the verbal skill to sweet talk people into saying yes to his ideas. He will sell it to the people and Congress will follow.

Number four: Think of all the late-night jokes Letterman, Leno, Colbert and Stewart will be able to spew out from President Barack Hussein Obama. The name alone will keep them going for his first term. Then they can move on to his many, many misteps...

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Check out Kevin D. in the Mooby's hat!!

WARNING: Not work friendly

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Time To Vote

While walking down the street one day, a US senator is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and is met by St. Peter at the entrance.

"Welcome to heaven," says St. Peter. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in," says the man.

"Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity."


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This Is A Jimmy Buffet Dedication To

I think it's obvious...

[Oh, it's not work safe]

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I Assume

By Jerry

The title of this entry has to be the most dangerous two word phrase in the history of the universe. Of course, I'm exaggerating. But, just ask Patriot fans this morning. I'm sure that NONE of them even considered a scenario where their team would lose that game last night. Unfortunately, nobody told the Giants!

It was a sloppily played game in which the Giants triumphed. They were the better team period.


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My New Theme Song

Except I'm still smoke free. ;-)

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The Queen is in Court

I'll be gone this morning, taking care of overdue personal business.

So for your enjoyment, I'm reprinting Mark Adam's most hilarious comment ever:

I've decided I need to endorse McCain and quit blogging so I can spend more time with McKiernan — so together we can fight for gay rights and raise our love child as a spiritual mormon jew — just like McKiernan's god told me to in a dream last night.
Voice: Mark

Mark: Who is that?

Deeply Resonate God-like Voice: It's McKiernan's God, Mark.

Mark: Right.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Know How She Feels...

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Super Bowl Open...
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Sunday Funny Sunday

We interrupt your regularly scheduled thread to bring you this important announcement:

Real Comedy Genius from the land of the Morning Calm:

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Get A Life?

This comment was left for me, by one of the regulars, and it was the thing I thought about before I went to bed last night:

With all due respect, I suggest you drop totally out of the blog scene, get a real biological person on person life, dealing with flesh and bone rather than a pretend internet life of phoney people you don't know that stroke your ego or provide falsely an air of liberty and freedom when in fact nothing enduring will come from a bunch of dead archives and old emotional haunts, none of which will pay bills, enhance your children's lives or let them have enduring and lasting personal friendships.

The internet minus genuine academic knowledge is merely mind games.

You have a LIFE ahead of you, and if being in front of a computer challenges that life turn off the computer.


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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Are We Going Forward?

Doc Weasel notes that Gay Rights was a huge issue in 2004 but it is absent in 2008. How is that progress? Shouldn't we be making advances in civil rights for gays rather than retreating?

I know many of you are shaking your heads and questioning my Republican credentials. Well, just remember that Republicans used to be huge civil rights advocates. Nobody has ever given me a good reason why gay couples deserve less than straight ones, why they can't adopt or why they should be made to feel less than.

The biggest problem is that too many people are convinced that being gay is a choice. Which, forgive me for saying, is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Who would choose that? Who would choose to be treated unfairly, taunted, beaten or even killed, on purpose? I can't choose to be a lesbian. I am not attracted to women. It's chemical, I was born this way. The only choices gays/lesbians have are to hide their true selves and live in misery; be out and happy but live with the likelihood of ridicule and discrimination; or abstain and live a solitary life.

Some choice...

Why is all quiet, on the Gay Front, during a 2008 Presidential election cycle?

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When I think of Republicans....

"Buddy, you're all white!" I love it!!

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Uh-Oh! Dead Campaign Walking...

First John Kerry, then Ted Kennedy and (JFK's memory)...

Now Barack Obama has the endorsement of MoveOn.Org. That is pretty much the kiss of death. I only wish Al Gore would come out and stick the fork in him with his endorsement...

Hillary 2008!

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Alicia Keys

Not every singer sounds as good live...

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When I Think Of Democrats...

I see this:

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New Name

I'm thinking of renaming the blog: The Queen of the Banned

I'll need a new tag line though since I'm not the arch conservative people thought. And because people missed the fact that my tagline was a joke...

Seriously, how can someone be the Queen of the conservatives and fight for SSM and adoption rights for Same-sex couples, etc... Oh well, so any ideas for a new tagline? Also, what do you think of the possible new title?

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I Missed That Meeting...

John Cole wants to know how the Right Wing has "managed to COMPLETELY convince themselves that McCain is not a real conservative, yet Mitt Romney is a bonafide conservative".

For as long as I can remember, McCain has been anti-abortion, for fiscal conservatism and balanced budgets and against wasteful spending, and an avowed and committed hawk and ardent military supporter. By my count, that is, or at least used to be, the trinity for the modern GOP. Those were the issues that, at a glance, defined conservatism, and McCain was on the “right” side of every one of them. Mitt Romney, not so much.

Exactly right. That is WHY McCain is my choice. I have minor issues with him but I know where he stands. Romney will say whatever it takes to get elected. I don't want someone that adopts principles based on the election he is running in.

There will never be a perfect candidate for me. I'm clearly not a strict conservative but I am also no liberal. Of course, that does allow me more freedom to move across Parties. In a sense, it makes me more liberal than all of you. Since, I really listen to them all and don't react in a knee-jerk way.

I want Hillary. She is my number one choice and I don't care if you believe it or you think the world will end because of it. Or that I'm a traitor to my principles. If you think that? You don't know what my principles or my priorities are...

That said, I supported McCain because I'd like to be able to enjoy the next election, knowing that if either Hillary or McCain won...all would be well. Also, if the Democrats are too dumb to nominate Hillary, we'd have a sane backup on the Republican side. I'm thinking of all of us, not just winning.

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SuperBowl XLII ...

Who wants to pony up a prediction? I have a bet on this game. I'm taking the Patriots and my opponent is taking the Giants and the points. What ever happened to just betting straight? What's with this point shit? Do the Giants really need the points?

What about you? Who are you rooting for?

Oh and all you pansies and/or girls under 10, that watch the SuperBowl just for the commercials - STFU. The adults are talking here. Now I'm not saying the commercials aren't great but that's an extra not an instead of thing to be watching.

Pssst...Alice! [If we all show up at your mansion, on Sunday, will Buffalo Wings and martini's magically appear by game time? :-)]

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Oh Bill...I Still Heart You

Watch Bill tell the heckler to piss off.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow Day - Night...

[click to enlarge]

Snow is pretty awesome fun when you're young...Plus the pictures look really cool!

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You Know What Bugs Me?

Getting ads from 1-800-flowers reminding me about Valentine's Day. When I was young and carefree, I loved Valentine's Day. I love Roses, Lilies and Tulips. What woman doesn't? I learned a hard lesson when I got married. My soon to be ex-husband is anti-gift giving. He particularly hates Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day and to a lesser extent Mother's Day. Why? Because those are silly Hallmark holidays that force men to buy stupid gifts for women and he wasn't going to be manipulated.

So, yeah, I got screwed out of flowers and candy. Until my little boy decided to take up the cause. Jake would save his money and go to the store, just to buy me flowers. It was sweet and special but it never fully took away the feeling that I wasn't worth a damn flower to my own spouse.

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No better day in the world...

by Jerry


I don't even know how much snow we have yet, but I got the call at 6:08am. Ahh the benefits of working at a Community College..


Posted by Jerry the Snowman on 02.01.2008. 7 Comments 0 Trackbacks
We beseech thee Joe Pesci

Posted by Tim the Soldier on 02.01.2008. 5 Comments 0 Trackbacks
One of My Favorite Movies

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Posted by Rosemary on 02.01.2008. 0 Comments 0 Trackbacks

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