pam (mail) (www):
And the demonstrator accomplished what? How stupid is that? If you don't like a speaker, stay home. But why ruin it for those that do want to listen?
4.2.2005 7:59am
Dean Esmay (www):
Fairly typical.

Not that I have much use for Pat Buchanan but there's nothing new about this.
4.2.2005 2:58pm
pam (mail) (www):
No I know there isn't. But as much as the man irks me, I wouldn't think of disrupting the people that do want to listen.
4.2.2005 9:15pm
girl (mail) (www):
that doesn't surprise me. Kalamazoo is teeming with hippies.
4.3.2005 10:08am
Ara Rubyan (www):
...and who apparently have more salad dressing than they know what to do with.
4.3.2005 7:13pm
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