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Do you know why Dean and I are married? (I mean besides love and all that)

Because we both have an obsessive need to be right and a normal person would get annoyed by that and dump us, that's why. Also, we can't stand stupid people.

You know what is fun about that obsession? When we are on opposite sides of an issue. Talk about sparks baby!

How about you? Why are you married or committed to your significant other? (I mean besides love and all that)
Posted by Rosemary on 04.12.2005
caltechgirl (www):
because I don't care when he does things that would put ANYONE else on my S-list. :)
4.12.2005 3:15pm
jane m (www):
My honey and I stay married because we both don't want to be joined at the hip, we give each other space and I can go shopping BY MYSELF while he putters around contentedly in the garage or backyard. We temper our togetherness with separateness in just the right mixture of commitment and personal freedom. Also, he lets be be the boss when I want to be and vice-versa. When you've been together a long time, you know just when to give up and give in without being ugly about it.
4.12.2005 10:41pm
Dave in Texas (mail) (www):
other than me marrying three times out of my league I can't think of a reason
4.13.2005 12:13am
cardeblu (mail) (www):
Why are you married or committed to your significant other?
After 23 years of marriage on the 24th of this month, I, still, ask myself that question. ;)

I think it's because he fits in the areas of my life where I'm lacking, and vice versa. In the beginning, he was a conservative liberal, and I was a liberal conservative. Throughout the years, we've pulled each other more towards the center whenever one of us gets off track, to follow a straight and narrow course. He's shown me the humor of body noises, and I've shown him the worth of good and polite manners.

Plus, I told him before we were married that I expected a full 50-year commitment. After that, he could do whatever he wanted...
4.13.2005 1:23am
Rhianna (mail) (www):
Um, because I had to marry a Native Texan? No, honestly I'm really lucky. He'll tolerate my opinionated, bitchy ass like no one else in their right mind would...I think he's a glutton for punishment actually (even though he does normally agree with me).

I happen to think he's the hottest thing walkin'. Have since I met him.
4.13.2005 7:05am
Paul Burgess (www):
Rosemary, you have just described why I (who, by ordinary standards, have very little need to be right about anything) am thankful every day that, after all these years, I am still single. :-)
4.13.2005 8:35am
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