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Alice, the 'Lil Sis of All Evil gave me an early birthday present on Wednesday. She bought me Clinique's deep comfort body butter. It is fabulous! My skin is loving the butta. I'm soft and not at all greasy feeling or shiny. The softness lasts all day. I can't say enough about this product.

Thanks, Al!
Posted by Rosemary on 04.15.2005
mythusmage (mail) (www):
I just knew Dean had another reason for not posting. [leer]
4.15.2005 9:01am
Alice, Lil' Sis of the QOAE (mail) (www):
I am glad you like it. I hate to feel dry...and I love butta!
4.15.2005 9:17am
pam (mail) (www):
I love Clinique products. I tan throughout the year, and am always in need of a good lotion for dryness. Thanks for the tip!
4.15.2005 9:32am
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