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What Name Offends You Most?
People like to sling mud, especially when debating. I put up with a lot of namecalling just because I am a Conservative. I tolerate a lot of it but there are some names that will send me flying into a rage.

Being called a liar or a racist/hatemonger will do it. I usually blow off anything that is profane in nature, probably because I swear and I don't find the "dirty words" as offensive as, say, strikes against my character.

Character assassination will usually net the person a hefty dose of rage. Is it because I fear that I am secretly a liar or a racist? No, it's because I am most definitely not. Calling me a bitch will make me chuckle. I am a bitch at times, so I don't mind the slur. I will go off on a charge of lying or racisim because I don't lie and I'm not a racist/hatemonger and I find it offensive that someone would suggest otherwise.

What gets your panties in a twist?
Posted by Rosemary on 04.23.2005
Alice's Blessed Insanity (mail) (www):
I hate it when trolls attack my parenting or my children. Once this troll called my son ugly on someone else's journal. I exposed him in my journal (I will tell you where, if you email me. I emailed you with the PW for my journal). This guy threatened to SUE me for libel because he merely "suggested" that my son's picture was ugly and didn't say my son was actually ugly. Whatever. I ignored him. He, then, emailed MY HUSBAND and threatened him and pretty much told him to get control of me, lol. I contacted an attorney friend of mine who told me he was full of hot air. That is when I put my journal under PW. Now, this idiot has made TWO webpages dedicated to ME! He attacks my faith, my child, just about everything. If you would like to see these pages go here:(I won't link directly because I don't want to attract him here through his referrals)
Add an http:// and a www. then neonbubble(dot)com/a/alice-meadows-christian-mom


http:// then www. neonbubble(dot)com/a/alice-meadows

I don't care about anything he really has to say about ME, personally. It is his attack and mockery of my Christian faith and MY CHILD that I abhor. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. Any suggestions as to how to get him to take this garbage down?
4.24.2005 3:15am
Mark Adams, the high and mighty, hypocritical, bloviator. (mail) (www):
How did you know my panties were twisted? In fact, how did you know I wore panties?
4.24.2005 4:19am
pam (mail):
Kool-Aide drinker drives me nuts!
4.24.2005 12:01pm
Dave in Texas (mail):
down south we call it "getting your panties bunched up"

I really tire of the "Nazi" slurs. The first thought that comes to mind when I see them is "you are an ignorant bastard who has no idea just how nasty Nazis were, or you wouldn't say that. Dumb ass."
4.24.2005 4:51pm
Ara Rubyan (www):
None of it bothers me.
4.24.2005 8:18pm
Alex (mail):
Ignorance and intolerance. Yikes!
4.25.2005 1:58am

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