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The Esmay clan is off to church. Today is an extra special day, my niece Alayna and nephew Aidan are being baptized. Yay!!!

The world needs more Catholics! Yay, team!
Posted by Rosemary on 06.12.2005
Steven Malcolm Anderson 4 GodsSelfSex (mail) (www):
Absolutely! Yayyyy, Catholics! Bless Alayna and Aidan at their baptism and all the future sacraments of which they will partake. HAIL TO THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN!!!!
6.12.2005 3:11pm
FormerRepub (mail):
I recall the baptism of my own children with much fondness. To gather with your family and celebrate your unity is a special treat.


6.13.2005 1:28am
Tim_the_Soldier (mail) (www):
There's always going to be MORE Catholics. As long as they're cute, we'll take them. More Buddhists...that's what we really need.
6.13.2005 9:48pm
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November 27, 2005

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