Ara Rubyan (www):
Jeez! He's cutting four teeth at once?

I'd be sick too.
9.8.2005 12:38pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail) (www):
It's a freaking NIGHTMARE. 4 teeth and a nasty cold. Somebody shoot me now!!!
9.8.2005 12:43pm
Ara Rubyan (www):
My god.

Break out the cognac. For the baby.

Heroin for the momma.
9.8.2005 1:28pm
pam (mail) (www):
Ugh you poor thing! That is such a tough time for them. I hope you feel better.
9.8.2005 2:05pm
Amanda (www):
Oh, no. I'm so sorry to hear that.
I've got a terrible cold too, and Brandon had some sort of virus, plus he was diagnosed with impetigo on Tuesday. I guess all this icky stuff is going around.
Feel better! Did you try putting baby orajel on Draco's gums? That may make him more comfortable.
9.8.2005 3:02pm
Alex (mail):
Okay Missy, I'm thinking this is your body telling you to SLOW DOWN!

Take some time for you, will you? Get better. :-)
9.8.2005 3:14pm
caltechgirl (www):
Hugs for you and the little guy....nd for Dean and Jacob for having to live with the two of you.....

4 teeth at once, ouch!!
9.8.2005 4:27pm
Tom Hawkson (mail) (www):
Hope you get well soon. As for Draco, our daughter who grew teeth like weeds turned into our most enthusiastic and versatile eater, so stock up on perogies! Mmmmm, perogies. Everyone should marry a Polish woman! Half Polish is good, too.

9.8.2005 6:11pm
Sandi (www):
Tis not good to hear, maybe Alex is right and you need to slow down some. Hope you and the babe are feeling better soon.
9.8.2005 9:32pm
jane m (www):
Sorry you and the little prince aren't feeling too good. For pete's sake, don't worry about us. We'll be there when you're better and the congestion is not impairing your breathing, thinking, and energy level. Take care of yourself and rest...a lot. After all, you're our Queen. We want you full of your old spunk and sass !
9.8.2005 10:40pm
Steven Malcolm Anderson 4 GodsSelfSex (mail) (www):
Bless the Queen and the Prince, and Jane M., too. Spunk and sass.
9.9.2005 12:18am
FormerRepub (mail):
I hated it when my babies were sick, they're miserable and there's precious little you can do about it :(

Being sick yourself only compounds the misery, but I don't have to tell you that... Lots of fluids for both, and easy on the Afrin for you (or you won't be able to breathe when you're better!).

Hope to see you back soon, that way we know you're better ;)

9.9.2005 9:07pm
girl (mail) (www):
I think just about everyone I know has some form of the crud right now. I'm mostly over it and so is Boy, I think. I catch everything under the sun, working in a pharmacy and all. blech. feel better and get lots of rest, Rose!
9.9.2005 11:00pm
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