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Who Should Disarm?
We are in talks trying to get Iran and North Korea to stop making Nukes or to get rid of the ones that they have. Is it hypocritical of us to ask them to disarm when we are clearly unwilling to disarm ourselves?

Who else should disarm? Should we force Israel to disarm? If not, why not?
Posted by Rosemary on 09.19.2005
Steven Malcolm Anderson 4 GodsSelfSex (mail) (www):
Do we tell the police to disarm when they disarm criminals? If a woman shoots a rapist who holds a knife to her throat, should she disarm? No. Free nations like America and Israel use their arms to defend freedom. Slave states like North Korea or Iran use their arms to threaten freedom. There is no moral equivalency.
9.20.2005 2:05am
Steven Malcolm Anderson 4 GodsSelfSex (mail) (www):
Historical precedent: Germany was disarmed a couple times in the 20th century after losing two World Wars. France, Britain, and the United States retained their arms.
9.20.2005 2:16am
Ara Rubyan (www):
Fact is, we've set the precedent: If you don't have nukes, we'll invade to disarm you. If you do have nukes, you're home free.
9.20.2005 9:27am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail) (www):
But Steven we are imperialist invaders of sovereign nations, dontcha know?
9.20.2005 9:51am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail) (www):
Fact is, we've set the precedent: If you don't have nukes, we'll invade to disarm you. If you do have nukes, you're home free.

If that were true we'd be much busier.
9.20.2005 9:52am
Ara Rubyan (www):
Iraq isn't busy enough for you?
9.20.2005 1:26pm
Steven Malcolm Anderson 4 GodsSelfSex (mail) (www):

I am a Zionist Western Imperialist Warmonger -- proudly.
9.20.2005 1:28pm
jane m (www):
The best example of nuclear deterrent is Israel. They got invaded four times by their Arab neighbors after the UN partition took place in 1948. Each time the Arabs were repulsed by Israel. Notice how many times Israel has been invaded since she got nukes? Yep, nada.
Nukes are a reality folks. Ya' can't put the genie back in the bottle. The UN NPT is supposed to contain the spread of nuclear arms. Of course, the UN is too busy to put some real teeth in the inspection process and too weak to enforce agreements so we are all screwed.

Should Iran have nukes because Israel has them? Well Israel isn't threatening to invade Iran or any other country. She threatens only to defend herself. The mad mullahs have announced to the world that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth and have even said that nuclear retaliation doesn't scare them because it would be worth it to nuke Israel even if Israel retaliated and Iran was wiped out.
9.20.2005 11:49pm
Steven Malcolm Anderson 4 GodsSelfSex (mail) (www):
Jane M.:

Excellent analysis. Yes, Israel needs her nukes to defend herself through deterrence. But Iran will not be so deterred. We must therefore disarm Iran by whatever means necessary before the mad mullahs get their hands on nukes. (I'm not trying to be anti-Aryan. I support India and Ireland as well as Israel.)

As to the UN: If the UN had the means to enforce its edicts, we would be under a One-World tyranny, which is the goal of that organization (see G. Edward Griffin's The Fearful Master). Therefore, the UN is useless at best.
9.21.2005 10:23am
Ara Rubyan (www):

Having trouble understanding your point about Israel and Iran.
9.22.2005 5:35pm
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