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Vote Match

I just took the vote match quiz. This is my lowest match ever. Usually it's more clear cut. My highest match was under 50%. My results are as follows

  1. McCain

  2. Clinton

  3. Edwards

  4. Paul

  5. Obama

Clearly, there are some policy differences between Clinton and Obama. Take the test yourself and see. Everyone has issues that they vote, mine are just different than yours. Economy and the War are my top 2. That is what separates Clinton from Obama on paper and my vote...

I'm giving Hillary the edge because I'd like to see a Democrat in the White House, truly it's a toss up between her and McCain. And Vote match confirmed it.

Posted by Rosemary on 03.25.2008
Wait, I thought you were a card-carrying Republican?? ;o)

Mine wasn't too surprising

Yep, I'm a progressive!
3.25.2008 9:24pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Yes but everyone on my card dropped out of the race!

I was a Fredhead!

Click that link! I love that video...
3.25.2008 9:38pm
Fred Thompson? Seriously?

...and you call Obama an empty suit?! Thompson never really showed up and his ass was to lazy to actually, you know, campaign!

3.25.2008 9:44pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Yeah but he's really fucking cool! Plus, he helped bring down Nixon...

Normally, campaigns don't start this early and he was drafted. So, that was part of the problem but, at least, he has a record! You know that we can look at and judge. :-)
3.25.2008 9:51pm
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
Hillary was trying to take down Nixon, Fred was on Nixon's defense team and just botched it. Of course he didn't have much to work with, but even Nixon thought he was a dolt.

Oh, my scores?

Che Gu .... oh wait, wrong quiz

Kucinich 73$
Clinton 70%
Edwards 68%
Obama 65%
McKinney/Gravel tied at 63%

All within 10% ... maybe that was the right quiz? Clinton/Obama look pretty close from my perspectiv, different sides of the Edwards coin. (I know Dennis, Dennis and I have met. He's nutz, ergo unelectable and always will be.)

The jump from McKinney/Gravel to Rudi is 30 points, from 63% to 33% McCain comes in at 23%, under Paul and Huckabee. Fred is only at 15%, Mitt 13% and Hunter in single digits.
3.25.2008 10:27pm
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
Hey, here's some weirdness. Gravel just joined the Libertarian party, and I have him tied in my preferences with a Green Party candidate.
3.26.2008 1:48am
maryatexitzero (mail) (www):
I am such a moonbat! I tied between Edwards and Kucinich (48%). Then came Gravel, then Obama, then Hillary. The only Republican I came close to was Giuliani.

..and I took it twice, same results. If a poll concentrates on social issues (like the legalization of drugs, immigration) I'm always a total lefty.
3.26.2008 9:54am
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
Hey Rose, what were your percentages? That'll tell the story.
3.26.2008 10:02am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
I got 41% with McCain, 33%Clinton, 28%Edwards, 26% Paul, and 24%Obama
3.26.2008 1:14pm
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
Geez Rose, you really hate them all. I like Hillary twice as much as you.
3.26.2008 3:00pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
I told you!
3.26.2008 4:46pm
shep (mail):
"Fred Thompson? Seriously?"

You're new here. No. Ability. To. Discern.
3.28.2008 2:18pm
Ara Rubyan (www):
Nobody votes on the issues. Sorry. You might think otherwise. But it doesn't happen.

Oh, issues matter: but only so far as to reinforce feelings we already have (good or bad) about the candidate and/or their party.

Bottom line: a candidate who "runs on the issues" and thinks they have their opponent beat "on the issues" is going to lose. Every time.
3.29.2008 4:37pm
shep (mail):
Who brought up "issues"? Yeesh, who do you think we're talking about here?
3.29.2008 10:18pm
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