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American Idol: Top 10

By Jerry

We've been slacking with the Idol updates and reviews, but truth be told, the last couple weeks have been boring. It's kinda sad, since they were Lennon/McCartney songbook weeks, but its true. This week, however, a few performances were worth mentioning. Michael Johns with Queen's We Will Rock You/We are the Champions and Carly Smithson with Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart were very well done. They were two of my faves. But nothing compares to David Cook's rendition of Billie Jean. It was a song made famous by Michael Jackson, however, he sang Chris Cornell's much slower version. It was FANTASTIC. It was a huge risk and it paid off big time. Move over David Archuleta, you may have the 13 year old votes locked up, but its the working class folks that'll be buying up the albums. Right now, the only one deserving of my cash is David Cook.

Thanks to Mary and Christa for telling me to watch David's performance. I almost missed it..

Posted by Jerry on 03.25.2008
Alex (mail):
I'd buy anything David put out. I think that kid has a miraculous future. His version of "Billie Jen" was stunning.

I love Archuletta's voice as well, but I feel him going on the stage.

And why the heck is that country girl still there? Can someone please wake up and smell the toast? What a waste of my TiVo.
3.26.2008 3:49pm
Brian Macker (mail) (www):
David Cook does seem to be a rock genius and is very consistent. I think Archuletta is going to end up losing to him, and regardless Cook is going to outsell him. Everyone else really isn't in the competition at this point.
3.26.2008 9:56pm
Frankie J (mail):
I would agree, but you can't underestimate the power of teenage girls. Someone my age may vote once for David Cook, but a 15 year old girl will vote as many times allowed for Archuletta...
3.27.2008 2:22am
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