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Thanks Tim!

Posted by Rosemary on 03.28.2008
Tim (mail):
I'll talk about art, music, and film, but politics is out baby!!
3.28.2008 12:42am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Fair enough!
3.28.2008 12:48am
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
How about religion? Like hating the sin but forgiving the pastor sinner?
3.28.2008 1:35am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Tim hates talking about religion. Just ask Kevin D.
3.28.2008 9:42am
Jerry K. :
I like David Cook's cover better than the original.
3.28.2008 9:51am
Tim (mail):
Jerry, are you tone deaf? There isn't even a comparison. Chris Cornell is a much better vocalist. Oh, I forgot, you like cheese ;-)

Oh, I'll talk religion too. God is dead.
3.28.2008 12:28pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Oh, I'll talk religion too. God is dead.

Not much talking, that... LOL
3.28.2008 1:08pm
Frankie J (mail):
I've never liked Chris Cornell's I like the David Cook version a little better.
3.28.2008 1:37pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Does that mean Frankie likes cheese too? ;-)
3.28.2008 2:21pm
Tim (mail):
I can't criticize Frankie J., he's my son.
3.28.2008 4:39pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
LOL. Plus, he's your link to what's cool and hip, eh old man? ;-)
3.29.2008 10:55am
Tim (mail):
Uh, it's you using the phrase "cool and hip" not me oh nearly middle-aged Queen ;-)
3.29.2008 1:42pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Hey, I almost said groovy. LOL
3.29.2008 1:51pm
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