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Only 94%?

You Are 94% Evil
You're the most evil person you know.
The devil is even a little scared of you!

Yeah, I'm still drinking the Grey Goose. LOL so my blogging is more fun!

Posted by Rosemary on 03.30.2008
cardeblu (mail):
I'm just going to take advantage of your current condition and consider this an "open" thread 'cuz....guess where I'm going to be on July 15th?

Yeah, baby!!! My wonderful sister is taking both my daughter and I to see him for our B-days around that time.

I'm pretty sure there won't be any bad jokes...
3.30.2008 12:19am
cardeblu (mail):
WTF? That was certainly strange. I put the above comment on your Grey Goose/bad joke post that is no longer there.
3.30.2008 12:23am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Grey goose and the queen makes blogging more interesting!
3.30.2008 12:24am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
I love Eddie Izzard! Lucky!!!
3.30.2008 12:25am
uhm.... did you rig that test?1
3.30.2008 12:34am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Nope. Maybe I shouldn't take tests while drinking vodka though...
3.30.2008 12:41am
cardeblu (mail):

You Are 26% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well. In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.
I'm definitely out of my league here... Got any pointers?
3.30.2008 12:45am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
I'm 39 - that's many years to have covered some bad ass stuff.
3.30.2008 12:45am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
2 shots of vodka and try it again. :-)
3.30.2008 12:46am
maryatexitzero (mail) (www):
I'm only 42% evil. Huh.

Since most of my intense evilness was in high school &college, I don't remember half of it now. My score might be off..
3.30.2008 10:45am
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