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A Public Service Message

Daily showers are not a health hazard. That myth was debunked long ago and they are generally recommended for public health and courtesy. If you can't manage it, try washing your tops and tails, eh?

While there has been talk of risks associated with use of anti-perspirants/deodorants, there is a bigger health risk associated with driving, drinking, drug use, being an asshole in public, saying inappropriate remarks in a room full of drunks, and eating poorly.

Please, for the love of humanity and those of us with oversensitive olfactory senses, use some. That green cloud that surrounds you isn't your awesome aura, it's your aroma and it reeks.

That is all...

Posted by Rosemary on 04.04.2008
Ara Rubyan (www):
You have two boys don't you? Ahem. It only gets worse from here.

P.S. "tops and tails." Heh.
4.4.2008 10:52am
I'm afraid to ask what has you in such a funk....
4.4.2008 10:55am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):

My boys are not smelly because I'm pro-hygiene.

TQL: I'll email you. ;-)
4.4.2008 10:57am
Alicia Kondraciuk:
Hmmmm....SPoDE still describing a site and the hygiene of its leader?
4.4.2008 1:12pm
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
4.4.2008 1:27pm
Tim (mail):
I'm guessing you had a gnasty gnome encounter recently.
4.4.2008 4:39pm
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
Speaking of getting out the hose ... for the second time in as many days I had to "uncouple" my two puppies. They're just over a year old and the dumb one (we call him George, when I'm pissed at him I call him "W" since he's a "bushy" little pomimo) was fixed six months ago.

Now this ain't no vasectomy. Our bushy dog George has no balls.

Yet, he was still able to stick his thingie in our other puppy, the cutest little Irish terrier/schauzer mix named Chewie.

I'll leave you guys to come up with your own metaphor, I just thought I'd share. Figure I could offer this mental picture up and let you caption it.
4.4.2008 9:33pm
You must have missed it but anything with a thingie is a male predator.

Please contact Debbie Stabenow.
4.4.2008 9:38pm
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