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Kat Williams

[Explicit language]

Posted by Rosemary on 04.05.2008
What, no comments? Am I the only one who finds Kat Williams hilarious!

...though I have to admit, the use of the n***** did get on my nerves when I saw the whole special.
4.5.2008 11:09pm
shep (mail):
Yeah, that's some funny shit. That's also why only blacks can do that particular racial angle; even Robin Williams couldn't pull that off.

The n-bomb didn't bug me in that clip but an hour of it; I can see why it might get gratuitous, even from him.
4.6.2008 2:01am
Tim (mail):
Oh, I've got his stuff on my ipod. He is one of the funniest comedians working today.
4.6.2008 3:03pm
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