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Bill and Hillary

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Rosemary on 04.06.2008
Ara Rubyan (www):
What will we do...?
4.7.2008 8:27am
shep (mail):
Always loved Hammond's Bill and Poehler was even decent in that sketch too. Funny stuff.
4.7.2008 1:04pm
SNL needs to only be on during election season. This is the funniest they have been in a looong time.
4.7.2008 2:53pm
Ara Rubyan (www):
Their non-political stuff is better than ever too, IMHO. Kristen Wiig is brilliant.
4.7.2008 3:23pm
Yes, but it took a strike and an election for them to get their mojo back.
4.7.2008 6:11pm
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