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April 25, 1968

This was a special day in the history of the universe. For on this day, the Queen of All Evil, Rosemary Kondraciuk was born. Today, we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of this momentous occasion. Stolat Rosemary.

Posted by Pan Biały-Rycerz on 04.25.2008
Jerry K. :
Happy Birthday Rose!!

I hope you have a "Wonderful" day!!
4.25.2008 7:06am
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
According to the rumors and innuendo, on this day in history the final closed-door "undress" rehearsal for the musical Hair was performed the day before a special "preview" for friends, family and select members of the Village Voice in advance of the public's first official viewing Opening Night on the 29th. The Moon was in the 7th House.

Also that day, students at Columbia who had taken over the administration building were prevented from receiving pizzas they had ordered. The hungry students had to resort to warming up tofu burgers on a busted radiator to make it through the week -- until April 30th when they read the "Fabulous" reviews in the Village Voice for the musical Hair, at which time they abandoned their protest to stand in line for tickets.

The Historic Civil Rights Bill of 1968, signed by LBJ on April 11th, was entered into the Congressional Record as the law of the land and became official this date. The unusually long delay is attributed to corrections in the signing statement issued by LBJ where he inserted the words "just kidding" every third paragraph while high on peyote, and then ordered his little "joke" erased from history.

Hubert Humphrey won the Pennsylvania Primary this day in 1968, by 9.4 points, but insisted that it was "double digits," stating in his victory speech that this would "prove" he would win it all in the General election.

Finally, on this date 40 years ago, John McCain became eligible for Social Security.

Have a great day, Darlin'

I figured I owed you some suck-up-itude, so this smile is my gift to you.

o$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$o
o$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$o
$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" "$$
$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ o$$
"$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$
$$$$ "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$" o$$
"$$$o """$$$$$$$$$$$$$$"$$" $$
$$$o "$$""$$$$"""" o$$
$$$$o o o$$"
"$$$$o o$$$$o"$$o o$$$
"$$$$oo ""$$$o$$$o o$$$""
""$$$$oooo "$$$o$$$$$"""
""$$$$$$$oo $$$$$$$
4.25.2008 8:52am
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
Damn, that's the last time I try an ascii winkie. It looked great in preview mode.
4.25.2008 8:59am
Rhianna (mail) (www):
It looks like a shark with it's tongue out imo. Pretty neat, but I'm weird so take it as you will Mark.

4.25.2008 9:06am
Happy Birthday, Rose! Embrace 40 and your future, I'm sure it will be "wonderfully" brighter!
4.25.2008 9:13am
Mr. Wonderful (mail):
Happy birthday, my Queen! I will do everything in my power to ensure that not only today but this entire weekend is absolutely Wonderful. I love you, baby!
4.25.2008 9:24am
Mark Adams, who's always correct, get used to it. (mail) (www):
4.25.2008 9:32am
Jerry K. :
Looks like a snapper, and I don't mean the lawn mower..
4.25.2008 10:05am
shep (mail):
I got money-pig, Simpson's style.

Happy Day, Rosemary.
4.25.2008 12:11pm
double-plus-ungood (mail) (www):
I got money-pig, Simpson's style.

Heh. This is my current desktop wallpaper.

Happy birthday, Rosemary! Many happy returns of the day.

In honor of the day, here's a link to my favorite chapter in Winnie the Pooh. Eeyore's Birthday. And this is my favorite bit:
While all this was happening, Piglet had gone back to his own house to get Eeyore's balloon. He held it very tightly against himself, so that it shouldn't blow way, and he ran as fast as he could so as to get to Eeyore before Pooh did; for he thought that he would like to be the first one to give a present, just as if he had thought of it without being told by anybody. And running along, and thinking how pleased Eeyore would be, he didn't look where he was going . . . and suddenly he put his foot in a rabbit hole, and fell down flat on his face.


Piglet lay there, wondering what had happened. At first he thought that the whole world had blown up; and then he thought that perhaps only the Forest part of it had; and then he thought that perhaps only he had, and he was now alone in the moon or somewhere, and would never see Christopher Robin or Pooh or Eeyore again. And then he thought, "Well, even if I'm in the moon, I needn't be face downwards all the time," so he got cautiously up and looked about him.

He was still in the Forest!

"Well, that's funny," he thought. "I wonder what that bang was. I couldn't have made such a noise just falling down.And where's my balloon? And what's that small piece of damp rag doing?"
4.25.2008 12:31pm
Adam K (mail):
Happy Birthday Rosey!

Looking forward to reading your blog for 40 more years.

Love ya
4.25.2008 3:46pm
Vern (mail):
Happy Birthday!
4.25.2008 7:19pm
Rolling over the bottom number to a zero is always a huge birfday. Have a Happy one.
4.25.2008 7:33pm
shep (mail):
"Heh. This is my current desktop wallpaper."

Thanks, DPU. Now we have something else in common - I mean, beside the socialist pig thing.
4.25.2008 8:03pm
Amanda (www):
Happy birthday, Rosemary!
4.25.2008 10:47pm
Alicia Kondraciuk:
Happy Birthday Rose! I look forward to celebrating with you this weekend!!!
4.25.2008 11:21pm
cardeblu (mail):
Although late by about 30 minutes here in the PNW, Happy Birthday!!
4.26.2008 3:33am
Rosemary, Queen of All Evil (mail):
Thank you everyone!

Oh and Ara you had it exactly right. I was named after the movie Rose Marie but to sound more American they went with Rosemary. I was almost named after Doris Day so all in all - I'm pretty happy I had rosie cheeks at birth!
4.26.2008 10:38am
matoko_chan (mail):
many happy returns really rosie.
i think mr. wunnerful's bday paen to u was very sweet.
4.26.2008 11:16pm
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